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Suzanne Déoux and Pierre Déoux
Medical physicians

- Authors of different books :
- "L'écologie c'est la Santé"; ed. Frison Roche. 539 p.: first french book of environmental medecine, in 1993
- "Habitat Qualité Santé, clés en main", 1997; Medieco Editions, 286 p.
- "Le Guide de l'Habitat Sain", 2002, deuxiËme Èdition octobre 2004, 537 p. Medieco Editions, GEODIF diffusion-Groupe Eyrolles
- Co-auteur de "L'Air et la SantÈ". Chap. 4 de l'ouvrage dirigÈ par le Pr Denis Charpin. mai 2004. MÈdecine-Sciences Flammarion.

Both of them are graduates in "Environment and Cancers", in "Environment and public Health", in "Trauma Repair and Healing", in "Medical Hydrology and Climatology".

Additionaly, Suzanne Déoux is an ENT specialist and was part of the first group of the "Ecosanté-Ecorisques" formation, in 1994.
Founding of MEDIECO
IMEDIECO was founded in June 1986 for three reasons :

1° one cannot claim to heal a patient without taking in consideration the influence of daily environment. This concept idea is not new. Hippocrates wrote this, 25 centuries ago.

2° in the early 80s, there was a significant lack of information about the relationship between health and indoor environment among the medical profession and building construction industry. The widespread use of asbestos raised the consciousness of health risks in the design, choice of materials and construction of buildings.

3° modern medicine cannot exclusively concern itself with healing. It must prescribe preventive mesures that can be used in the construction of buildings in order to prevent future health problems and reduce expenditures on health care. This concept is now well understood and can be taken into consideration to ensure complete well-being.
The goal of MEDIECO
- to develop a global approach about the relationship between Health and the indoor environment
while integrating:
- a multi-disciplinary approach : biological, chemical , physical ;
- an awareness of long term (10, 20, 30 years) consequences and the means to prevent them
- to develop design factors that will reduce or eliminate tthese health risks
- to develop the concept "Habitat Qualité Santé" (HQS)
More than 20 years of experience in environmental medecine
A note on the term "medical ecology"(environmental medecine). This neologism "ecology" was created by Haeckel in 1866 from "oïkos", the greek word meaning "house". Etymologically, this is the "science of the habitat". According to the definition of Haeckel, this term designates the global science that studies of the interrelationship of the being with its environment. Therefore, the ecology occupies a special place among the biological sciences at the exclusion of political influences. This is a scientific discipline of a holistic nature.