15 Senior Dog Accessories and Gear for Mobility and Comfort


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  • As a dog ages, their needs change as their physical abilities decline.
  • I am the caretaker of a 15 year old 70 lb mixed breed dog with advanced arthritis.
  • The right equipment and a bit of comfort made care easier for him and made his everyday life more pleasant.

There’s no getting around it: it’s difficult to watch our devoted, beloved furry best friends grow older. Few things were harder than watching my once vigorous adventure dog, my former running and hiking buddy, struggle to get back on his feet. I can see the frustration and helplessness in his eyes as his still nimble mind tries to make it up to why his body isn’t cooperating anymore.

But my older dog, Lieutenant Baxter Bear, is stubborn and tries to get up every time he falls. I have echoed his resolve in finding solutions to support his quality of life. Thanks to more experienced senior dog owners, his amazing physical therapist and excellent first aid veterinary care, I have found some ingenious solutions that have made my senior pup’s life a lot easier.

Here are 15 senior dog products that my pup is comfortable with.


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