15 vegan breakfast foods for every morning


Breakfast overwhelms many new vegans. Even longtime vegans can get stuck in a rut, bored with monotony. In general, most of us are drowsy and hungry for something we can’t quite put a name to. Not everyone prepares an Instagram-worthy mini mason jar of overnight oats that they can just “grab and go”! and the harsh noise of blending a green smoothie makes us cringe. These store-bought breakfast staples are reliable for providing nutrition, comfort and fullness any morning. Here are the best vegan breakfast dishes to stock up on.

What do vegans eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is considered one of the most important meals of the day. Along with a large cup of coffee, breakfast gives us the energy to sail through the morning. If you’re curious about plants, it’s also one of the easiest meals you can make vegan. Good news: most breakfast items can be made vegan. Instead of scrambled eggs, omelette and quiche, there are tofu scrambled eggs, chickpea omelette and tofu quiche. There’s vegan bacon, meatless breakfast sausage, and even frozen breakfast burritos.

Plant milk can be used just like the milk version. Muesli may seem vegan at first, but look out for animal-based ingredients like milk, whey, honey, and vitamin D3, a lanolin-derived vitamin used by many manufacturers. If you’re a toast lover, you’ll find that a lot of bread is vegan: just look out for milk, eggs, butter, and honey.

17 vegan breakfast dishes to get your day off to a good start

There are so many vegan breakfast options that go beyond smoothies and cold-pressed juices. Consistently busy mornings can make skipping breakfast a habit, so these handy options will help you start your day with ease.

Vegan muesli

Grab your favorite plant-based milk and hit the road. You’ll want to enjoy these vegan cereals outside of breakfast too.

Catalina Crunch

1 Catalina Crunch

This Muesli tastes like muesli for kids but for adults. It’s sturdy and will stand up to any plant milk you push it down in. So while you may have to rush out the door, you don’t have to worry about shucking down your cereal for fear it will get soggy. The dark chocolate flavor is a staple in our cupboards. Bonus: Just half a cup has 11 grams of plant-based protein.

VegNews.Vegan Breakfast2Barbara’s Bakery

2 puffin

If there is a child in the house, they will fight over this cereal. Sure, the adorable puffin is marketed to kids, but there’s no age limit to peanut butter satisfaction puffin provide.

VegNews.Vegan Breakfast3Rein Elizabeth

3 Pure Elizabeth Granola

Embrace the vegan hippie stereotype and pour yourself a satisfying bowl of cereal. Any brand will do, but check the ingredients before you buy to make sure the mix is ​​honey-free. We love Rein Elizabeth‘s Blueberry hemp flavor over vegan yoghurt or straight from the bag.

Vegan cream cheese & yoghurt

There’s nothing better than vegan yoghurt with granola or a lightly toasted all-purpose bagel with ham for breakfast. Here are some of our favourites:


4 collector

Former Yoplait lovers, check out collector‘s flavored cashew milk yoghurt. The blueberry flavor is outstanding, with vanilla bean not far behind. The brand also offers high-protein and drinkable yogurts.

VegNews.Vegan Breakfast4


5 silk

That dairy free giant has mastered the art of yoghurt. Choose between soy, oat and almond-based flavors while enduring back-to-back morning Zoom calls. Garnish with honey-free granola and your favorite fruit for a quick and easy breakfast. Flavors include peach, strawberry, vanilla and more.

VegNews.Vegan Breakfast5dragon hill

6 dragon hill

Greek yogurt enthusiasts, meet the vegan counterpart. dragon hillThe decadently thick and creamy almond milk-based Greek yogurt deserves a spot in your fridge. Both plain and vanilla flavors are unsweetened, providing a tart canvas for berries, granola, or a spritz of maple syrup.

Vegan ready breakfast

From waffles to overnight oats, these ready-made breakfasts are the best time savers.

VegNews.JustEggSousvideJust eat

7 Just egg

This Mung bean based egg Patties are a game changer. Use them on toast, sandwiched between a bagel, or with sliced ​​avocado and salsa for a filling yet effortless morning meal.

VegNews.Vegan Breakfast6alpha foods

8th alpha foods

There is something inherently satisfying about a microwave Breakfast burrito. Both the original breakfast and the veggie breakfast scratch that itch. Vegan sausage, cheddar and tofu scrambled eggs? Check.

VegNews.Vegan Breakfast7Van’s Foods

9 Van’s waffles

Not all vans Products are vegan, but we can’t get enough of those that are. The original frozen apple and cinnamon waffles, blueberry-free and gluten-free, have filled us up on many a lazy Sunday morning (especially when topped with nut butter and sliced ​​banana).



Yes, Overnight Oats are easy to make, but they require a certain amount of preparation, which isn’t always the case. These pre-packaged overnight oats are a must-have simply because they can be found in a variety of coffee shops and cafes. It’s comforting to know that when you’re famished and on the go, you don’t have to settle for a slightly stale plain bagel.

Vegan pancake and waffle mixes

Fun fact: A lot of pancake and waffle mixes are vegan by default, so prepare your maple syrup and dairy-free butter.


Eat food

11 Eat breakfast mixes

Whether you’re in the mood for fluffy waffles or pancakes sprinkled with confetti on a gloomy Sunday morning, these gluten free pancake mixes are exactly what you need. Keep a sachet handy and just add water for almost instant enjoyment. Pro tip: You can also make muffins out of the mix!

VegNews.Vegan Breakfast8biscuit

12 Bisquick Original Pancake & Baking Mix

Before there were deliberately vegan baking mixes, they existed Biscuit Original. It still reminds us of childhood sleepovers and tastes of nostalgia.

Vegan baked goods

Enjoy these muffins and baked goods with a cup of coffee, tea, or a canned latte.

VegNews.AbesMuffinsAbe’s muffins

13 Abe’s muffins

Fair warning: These allergen-free, Vegan mini muffins can be addictive. They’re sweet, moist, and come in a variety of flavors, from simple blueberries to sinful devil’s food. Pop a few before storming out the door.

VegNews.Vegan Breakfast9whole food

14 Vegan croissants made from whole foods

Find this flaky shortbread in whole food‘ prepared frozen section. While we still spend a lot of time at home, we love heating one of these up in the oven, brewing a strong cup of coffee and pretending to sit outside our favorite vegan-friendly coffee shop.

VegNews.Vegan Breakfast10Zen Bakery

fifteen Zen Bakery

We’re not sure how this one works Costco sized cupcakes weigh less than 300 calories each, but we’re grateful to them. These minimal-ingredient muffins are lightly sweetened with white grape juice and made with whole wheat flour, but the flavor is anything but “healthy.” Favorite flavors include carrot cake and banana nut.

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