15-year-old boy fights against COVID-19 in Golisano children’s hospital



We took a closer look at the experience of a young person fighting the coronavirus in the hospital.

Lee Health recently posted a video of a teenager in the intensive care unit who is barely breathing on his own. He can only eat with a feeding tube. The teenager was not vaccinated and we spoke to his mother on Monday, who regrets that she did not press him to take stronger defense against COVID-19.

“I never thought it would be him,” said mother Lisa Moya. “I’ve never felt so helpless, scared or inconsolable in my life.”

Moya feared that she or her son, 15-year-old Brandon Moya, would never breathe calmly again. Her son fell ill with COVID-19 shortly after the start of the school year. Soon after, he was admitted to the Golisano Children’s Hospital in southwest Florida.

“We came up here and put a BiPAP mask on him,” Moya explained. “He needed the full one. He needed oxygen and a mask to bring the pressure, positive pressure, into his lungs. And when we got here, the doctor said to me, ‘I have to tell you, if that doesn’t work, the next step is a ventilator’ and that was another blow. “

Brandon collected and was never put on a ventilator. Instead, the doctors insert a feeding tube.

“I didn’t think it could really get that bad for most people and how easily it could change my life,” said Brandon.

Brandon spent 13 days in the hospital. He wasn’t vaccinated. It’s a choice he made and a choice his mother regrets.

“I felt like I was kidding myself,” said Brandon.

“If I could turn back the clock, I would have vaccinated him,” said Moya.

Moya said she will not allow her teenage son to make such a decision again.

“My fear was, every moment of every four or five days, ‘What if he’s the boy who ends up on the news because he didn’t? I thought of everything from going home to my empty house. What should I do with my life? ‘”Said Moya.


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