3 Browns coaches under the greatest pressure in 2021



Expectations for the Cleveland Browns are again high in northeast Ohio.

With last year’s success in the rearview mirror, the Browns hope to reappear in some post-season high stakes competitions in 2021.

With high stakes, however, there is also high pressure for professionals.

Athletes sense it, and those who fall short in such situations are referred to as “suffocating artists”.

Those who deliver are praised.

The players aren’t the only ones in this scenario, however.

Coaching staff face the same pressures in their position and understand that this can make all the difference in whether or not they have a job.

If you look at these Browns employees, here are three trainers who could be feeling the most heat in 2021.

Joe Woods

Some wanted Joe Woods to be gone after 2020.

This thread from last December kind of describes why.

In short, too many communication outages resulting in big games were the main criticism.

Cleveland’s defense went from Nov.the until 16the Allowed in yards from 2020 until last season, although penalties committed decreased from 107 to 84.

Injuries played a role in last year’s fighting.

End-of-season injuries in secondary education followed by Myles Garrett’s COVID situation derailed a much better defensive season.

Now, after a damn good offseason from GM Andrew Berry, the Cleveland defense is in a better position.



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