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During our childhood we were taught that food serves as fuel and is therefore essential. Consequently, the more energy an athlete needs, the more food they need to consume, especially if they have a large physique like Strongman. This is the case with Brian Shaw, who has claimed the title of World’s Strongest Man four times. He lives a life with a body weight of about 400 pounds (181 kilograms). Because of the amount of energy he expends in workouts each day, Brian has to burn a tremendous amount of calories to maintain his weight.

Brian Shaw has spent his entire day eating several times, averaging around 9,000 calories. However, Brian has found a way to enjoy this amount of food on a daily basis, but is constantly changing his diet. This time he challenged himself only eat vegan for a whole day. For someone used to eating pounds of meat a day, this was obviously very tough for Brian Shaw. He shared the video his YouTube channel on 09/19

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Brian Shaw goes vegan

Brian Shaw’s first vegan meal of the day was Tofu Scramble with sweet pickles, avocado and more tofu. He also ordered two servings of it. Brian Shaw, on the other hand, struggled with the taste early in his day and likened the forced eating experience to the beginning of his career.

“I have to say I went through everything I had to force feed with my diet, in the early years I was trying to gain weight and stuff like that. I think that was almost easier.”

Meal number two for Brian Shaw came from a vegan food truck, where he got six soft tacos with seitan (vegan meat substitute), an order of seitan wings, and an order of fries. While not his favorite meal, this meal was way better than his first, especially because of the fries. However, he could not eat the side wings.

For his third meal of the day, Brian Shaw grabbed some Trifecta. So his meal consisted of a lentil power bowl with herb roast potatoes and plant-based meatballs. He also took quinoa and veggie bowl with plant-based chicken, as well as some Beyond Burgers. Everything seemed tolerable for Brian Shaw, as he described everything as “not bad”.

“Surely I’ll never replace bison and stuff like that, but I tried.”

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Through some online research, Brian Shaw found a place that makes a vegan pizza for his fourth meal. It’s obviously vegan cheese, crust and everything else. That was Brian’s favorite meal of the day at this point.

“The cheese is different, but the sauce is phenomenal… Overall, the taste is good. No wonder this is now my favorite that I’ve had…I hope it’s a little better on my tummy.”

Brian Shaw ended the day with dessert after finding a place that served vegan frozen yogurt. He chose a soft-serve pineapple flavor, but he also topped it with pineapple chunks.

Brian Shaw didn’t reveal how many calories each meal had, but according to the title of his YouTube video, his all-day meal came to 9,000 calories. However, he ended up with stomach problems.

“My stomach has been suffering since breakfast because I can’t process the food I eat. So I felt like I had a lot of pain issues… That’s probably the biggest downside.”

Watch the full video here:

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This full day of eating has been one of the most difficult for Brian Shaw yet. Despite his stomach problems, he does not expect that these will cause him problems in the further course of his career and training. as he has decided to take a break for the remainder of this year. This is probably why Brian decided to take on this vegan challenge as he now has more free time to enjoy fun things and record videos.


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