A $ 50,000 donation is helping the Children’s Hospital start a new program for babies and toddlers


The Children’s Hospital received an early Christmas present that will help ensure that young children in its care receive the developmental support they need to thrive in the future.

SC Johnson donated $ 50,000 to the Children’s Health Foundation, the hospital’s fundraiser. The money will be used to launch the new Help Me Thrive program for infants, toddlers and their families.

The pilot program provides additional development support to children who have to stay in hospital for extended periods of time due to complex medical needs. It will mitigate the interruptions of growing up in the hospital and teach the whole family how to get involved in caring. Through the program, staff will reach and support young patients with basic skills such as early communication and motor skills. Parents are taught how to best support their child’s special medical needs – such as whether their child’s feeding tube prevents them from tummy tuck at home.

The aim is to help sick children feel more like children and to give parents more confidence in inpatient and home care for their child.

“The Children’s Health Foundation is proud to partner with innovation supporters like SC Johnson during this fundraising season, who will help transform countless young people through their generous contributions to the Help Me Thrive program,” said Scott Fortnum, President and CEO the Health Foundation said in a statement. “Your generous gift will help the whole family receive the care and support they need when a child grows up in the hospital. By helping the community to support this life-enriching program, SC Johnson is helping create a brighter future for at-risk infants, young children and their families across Western Ontario who will depend on the children’s hospital for life. “

The foundation added that the new program would not have been possible without the donation from SC Johnson.


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