A list of Michigan ports that will receive WiFi this year


Hey, you can reconnect with nature if you want. But I will work remotely from the boat under the sun, maybe even in a floaty. But could you imagine that? It’s a hot summer day, and instead of being stuck in the office with a broken air conditioner, you could be at the lake with working WiFi. Sure, they aren’t flying cars just yet, but it is something.

A new way of life that we’re likely to see more of in Michigan. whether we like it or not. Thanks to BoatUS, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, a number of Michigan state-administered ports will be expanded to include WiFi service.

Whether in Michigan’s Upper or Lower Peninsula, you can see WiFi access in the following state ports below:

  • Mackinac Island
  • Port Austin
  • Presque Island
  • East Tawas
  • Lexington
  • detour
  • Cedar River

While, like most things, this may not happen immediately. You can expect most of these ports to have WiFi by the end of this summer. You can of course always call the DNR in advance to find out about availability at that time.

A list of all of Michigan’s public ports can be found here.

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