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Did you know that evidence suggests female primary care physicians (PCPs) perform better in value-based care?

According to prestigious academic journals such as Lancet and JAMAfemale physicians are more likely to adhere to clinical guidelines, provide preventive care more often, use more patient-centered communication, perform as well or better on standardized exams, and provide more psychosocial counseling to their patients than their male peers.

Yet women today are underrepresented and underpaid in our health care system. A reality that cannot and must not remain.

At agilon health and our physician partners, we are committed to changing that.

I am proud to share that to celebrate Women Doctors Day, we are officially launching The Women Physicians Leadership Council, led by medical leaders who play a critical role in transforming the healthcare delivery system through value-based care. The Female Physician Leadership Council will develop female leadership within the Agilon Practice Network and the next generation of female PCPs to provide value-based care within their communities to help the most vulnerable patients – our seniors.

Through the creation of this council, female leadership within our vast network of physician partners and industry is recognized, elevated, and supported to address the opportunities, gaps, and challenges they currently face to strengthen care. health. We are grateful to 13 women, including our founding members in medicine, who are paving the way for the future of female family physicians.

Health equity should be seen as the rule, not the exception. The importance of female physicians in delivering high quality, value-based care and their impact on our health system must be strengthened and enhanced. Let me say that all of us at agilon health and our medical practice partners are proud to establish this vital initiative that recognizes, supports and engages PCP women to advance their careers and have a voice in their professional growth and economic success. We will also create a Female Physician Resource (PRG) group to complement the Council and facilitate conversation and empowerment for female physicians and allies in our network of more than 1,600 primary care physicians.

We look forward to embracing change to help our nation’s best physicians cultivate a sustainable and prosperous future. Listen to our Council Founders further describing the purpose and importance of our initiative.


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