“Am I the idiot for bringing eggs to a vegan wedding?”


Living with a food allergy can be incredibly difficult. You must always be on the lookout for potential hazards and weigh the likelihood of cross-contamination. And it becomes difficult to relax when you get cravings at a public event or a fun celebration like a wedding. Because even if a chef cooks up special treats for you, you can never be 100% sure that there weren’t any nuts or allergens in the vicinity of the kitchen. And a guest eating a candy and accidentally touching your glass or plate can even cause you to go into anaphylactic shock.

So when it comes to feeding others, one would expect vegans of all people to have a little more sympathy for people who are extremely picky about their diet for health reasons. You also probably wouldn’t believe that someone would bring some eggs to a vegan wedding (or that they would cause huge drama at a celebration of love). And yet, here we are: a Redditor who has severe food allergies reached out to the AITA community share what happened when she brought egg salad to her brother’s vegan wedding.

Scroll down to read about the vegan bridal egg drama in Redditor’s own words. The story isn’t as straight forward as you might think, and the AITA community has had a variety of reactions to it. If you read the OP’s post in full, let us know what she think in the comments dear pandas.

A couple of eggs caused a lot of drama recently

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The guest, who suffers from severe food allergies, explained what happened at her brother’s vegan wedding as she wrapped up a home cooked meal

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The OP was very clear from the start that she is aware of how nuanced the situation is and she wanted the internet to hear her side of the story. As it turns out, two eggs is the line between an amazing wedding and a celebration that for some vegan brides ends up ruined.

Respecting your dietary preferences is not a one-way street. The bride felt that her sister-in-law disregarded her and her values. Meanwhile, the SIL who wrote the Reddit post felt they had no choice but to bring their own food to the wedding as the people behind the catering were not “professionals” and there was no way to guarantee that no allergens are contained in the dishes.

The core question is whether the OP shouldn’t have just brought a vegan salad from home instead of one with eggs. She feels she cleared the issue with her brother, the groom, beforehand. Meanwhile, on the actual wedding day, the bride and groom were disappointed with the guest’s behavior. The bride even went so far as to call her SIL “selfish” and accused her of “ruining” the whole day.

Some time ago, Bored panda spoke to cake artist and food expert Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin about food allergies and what to do when eating out. She made it very clear that there is never a 0% risk of life-threatening food allergies when eating out. According to the expert, the burden of responsibility cannot rest solely on the shoulders of the restaurant, even if there is crystal-clear communication between it and the allergy sufferer. Cross-contamination is a very real possibility, even when everyone involved is an experienced cook.

“Most restaurants do their best to accommodate guests with special dietary requirements, but with certain life-threatening allergies, this is not always possible due to the possibility of cross-contamination,” cake artist Bored Panda said in a previous interview. She stressed that there are differences between food allergies that make you uncomfortable and those that pose a real threat to your life.

“If you’re lactose intolerant and want the restaurant to keep the cream sauce on your pasta, that’s probably not a problem. On the other hand, if you have a deadly peanut allergy and want the restaurant to keep the peanut sauce on your chicken satay, well, that’s another story,” the expert said.

“The kitchen can’t guarantee that traces of the allergen won’t make it onto your plate, and they (understandably) don’t want to be responsible for your anaphylaxis!” Jessica told us.

“If your allergies are so severe that you’re having a spectacularly bad time coming in contact with your triggers, your best bet is to stick to restaurants that have cuisines and menus that already exclude those items,” she said. Allergy sufferers need to take the time to research the restaurants they plan to visit. They should also consider calling the restaurant or even going in person to speak to the staff if they are very concerned about their food allergies.

Some people thought that the woman did absolutely nothing wrong

However, others believe she should have packed something vegan to match the happy couple’s meal


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