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At more than 300 pools nationwide, Life Time offers family fun — and recommends Five essential safety tips for the best summer ever

CHANNASSE, Minn., May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Temperatures are rising and summer is here for most of the country! Life Time, the nation’s leading healthy lifestyle brand (NYSE: LTH), which operates more than 300 indoor and outdoor pools nationwide, is anticipating an extremely busy season with families keen to get outside after more than two years of the pandemic.

The younger the kids are when they start swimming lessons, the more likely they will excel and become more confident in the water.

Life Time, which certifies more lifeguards nationwide than any other company, is sharing five easy-to-remember swim safety tips to ensure everyone can have fun and stay safe on — and in — the water this year.

“For us at Life Time, there really is nothing more important than ensuring we are providing children and parents with important swim safety information through our swim instruction program. We’re proud to help more than 30,000 people learn to swim every month.” Alice Koeckler, Life Time senior vice president of children and water sports. “We have five lifetime tips to help your family have a safe summer in the water this year.”

1. Follow the 25:10 rule – This rule means that if a child cannot swim 25 meters (the length of most pools) without a break, a parent must always be within 10 feet of their child, preferably in the water.

2. Invest in swimming lessons – The earlier you start your children with swimming lessons, the better. The younger children are when they start swimming, the more likely they will excel and become more confident in the water.

Children can start classes as early as four months old. Life Time offers swimming lessons for children of all ages with an interactive approach to teaching. Because our pools have a shallow entry and feature in-pool benches, islands, and buoyancy aids, children transition from hands-on instructor support to independent movement as they progress.

3. Have a 1 to 3 ratio of guards to non-swimmers – Keeping an eye on more than three children at the same time can be too much. Persons caring for children can also seek CPR certification so they are better prepared for emergency drowning situations.

4. Take a break every two hours – Rest, rehydrate and reapply sunscreen before returning to the water for more fun.

5. Be familiar with flotation equipment – There are many swimming aids that do not protect children. It is important that they wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket. Also, avoid air-filled floaties.

Life Time welcomes kids and families to a whole summer—and beyond—of healthy fun—from the pools to kids’ studio classes, language, music, arts, GameFace training, parents’ night, kids’ camps and more. For more information on Life Time’s children’s programs and water sports, click here.

A link to Life Time floating b-roll recordings may be downloaded from this link.

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