Are Oreo Cakesters vegan? Here’s what’s inside the returning nostalgic treat


ICYMI, one of the most nostalgic treats of the late 2000’s, the Oreo Cakesters are finally making a comeback. Originally sold from 2007 to 2012, the soft cookie bite officially launched in stores in early 2022 as a permanent return to the Oreo lineup. Because it’s been so long since fans last tried the snack, many people are wondering if Oreo Cakesters are vegan. Here’s what you need to know.

The relaunch of the classic cake biscuit was announced in September 2021 by the official oreo instagram and Twitter accounts. Fans who’ve been on the lookout for the popular kid’s bite may have noticed that the Oreo Cakesters made a triumphant return to grocery and convenience store shelves nationwide in January and February. If you haven’t already snagged a box of the popular snack, you can use Cakesters to find one near you Location finder on the Oreo website. A 10.1-ounce box of five 2-packs is $3.69, and a single 2.2-ounce 2-pack is $1.89.

Whether you never got a chance to try the Oreo-inspired treat during its original five-year run, or you’re an old fan with new dietary restrictions, you’re probably wondering whether Oreo Cakesters are considered vegan or not. Before you set out to taste nostalgia in a box, you should first know what ingredients you’re dealing with.

According to the ingredients list on the packaging, each pack of Cakesters contains products such as sugar, canola oil, cornstarch and cocoa. Unfortunately, while each of these ingredients are suitable for the vegan-friendly lifestyle, Oreo Cakesters are also made with low-fat milk and dried eggs, making them incompatible with a vegan diet.

As for the classic Oreo cookie itself, vegetarians looking for a bite can enjoy the nostalgic snack, but vegans looking for a chocolatey treat should steer clear. According to the Oreo UK FAQ pageOreos contain milk as a “cross-contact” ingredient, which is why the sandwich snack cannot be considered vegan. Sorry for being a bummer vegan but someone had to tell you.

If you ever decide to ditch your vegan lifestyle and still grab a pack of Oreo Cakesters, be sure to check this out CDC guidelines for the latest health regulations before you go to the store.


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