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Vineet Jain is the founder and CEO of Arthya Assisted Living

Vineet Jain is the founder and CEO of Arthya Assisted Living

Artha Assisted Living for Seniors in Gurgaon

Artha Assisted Living for Seniors in Gurgaon

Based in Gurgaon, the luxury retirement home provides day care, independent and assisted living for the elderly traveling for surgeries or when family is away.

Quality patient-centric health services enable seniors to enjoy a high standard of living. Our 4 tier care team works 24/7 to monitor and treat the health of our residents.”

— Vineet Jain, Founder and CEO, Artha Assisted Living

Gurgaon, India, Oct. 1, 2022 / — A country’s elderly population is a valuable resource for any society. Aging as a natural phenomenon brings its opportunities and challenges. According to the 2011 census, India has over 10 million seniors (60+ years), which accounts for 8.6% of the total population. More than 8% of the population of Delhi and NCR are elderly aged over 60 years. By 2050, over 33 crore is projected to enter the elderly category in India. Although the median age in India is still 29 years old, we cannot ignore the age categories of the seniors which are still crucial for India.

Why the Need for Elderly Care in India?
Life expectancies are increasing, meaning more and more older people would require competent care in facilities outside of their home. Immigration within India and across borders is also increasing. This trend means that more and more families are becoming fragmented and a significant proportion of the elderly are now living alone or separated from loved ones. Hospitals are becoming more modern by the day, but they only deal with the treatment of diseases and do not solve the increasing concerns about holistic care for the elderly. There is a growing need for care for the elderly in post-surgical scenarios. Civilization diseases such as blood pressure fluctuations and diabetes are also increasing. Many of the elderly also struggle with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Mobility can also be a challenge as many seniors are stuck in their wheelchairs or have bone and muscle problems. Taking care of yourself can be challenging when faced with medical issues.

Artha – Luxury Assisted Home for the Elderly
Artha is a modern retirement home specially designed and built for the elderly. Vineet Jain, Artha Founder and CEO, says, “Artha Assisted Living Homes provide seniors with a safe and welcoming environment that offers easy mobility and quality care services. At Artha, we focus on the small details of our residents’ everyday lives, creating homes that provide seniors with a meaningful quality of life. Occasional activities and events such as festivals and health check camps take place on site. Our home is fully wheelchair accessible, allowing for easy access to public areas. In addition, when designing Artha, we incorporated several safety features that give our residents the confidence they need to enjoy their everyday life stress-free.”

Vineet adds, “Quality healthcare services are essential for seniors to enjoy a quality standard of living. Our four tier care team works around the clock to monitor and treat the health of our residents. Our patient-centric approach provides our residents with the convenience and flexibility they need as they age.”

Regular day care for seniors
Trained caregivers and nurses attend the facilities 24 hours a day, overseeing the needs of the elderly and health care. The medical team creates an individual care plan for each resident that takes into account the care needs and preferences of the resident and provides a framework for quality care services. Tailored meals based on medical conditions and choices will be provided. Physiotherapy facilities in Artha offer seniors easy access to quality services.
Artha offers short and long term residency, memory care, post-operative care and palliative care.

From short day visits to independent or assisted living or pre and post surgery care, Artha has all the modern conveniences backed by trained assistants and regular health checks to ensure a holistic approach to senior care. There are no obligations regarding the length of stay. Artha can be an excellent guest house or hotel alternative for the elderly while their family is away or when they are visiting Delhi NCR for an operation. Palliative care at Artha means improving the quality of life of every elderly patient, regardless of their health condition, condition, disease or condition. Artha strives to minimize any stress or pain and try to make the transition to normality as smooth as possible so that they can live and continue living a stress free life. A society’s credibility is measured by how it cares for its seniors.

In today’s time and busy lifestyle, caring for the elderly is of paramount importance. Artha offers comprehensive senior care services at its facilities. The experience at Artha brings a truly enriching life experience to seniors.

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Artha Assisted Living is a senior care home offering day care, independent and assisted living for the elderly


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