Augusta workers accused of sexually assaulting teenage patients at a children’s psychiatric facility


A night shift worker at the Lighthouse Care Center was arrested Tuesday for allegedly bringing a 16-year-old patient into her room at 11pm on April 29 and sexually molesting her.

A warrant states that Anthanasio Morris engaged in sexual activity with the youth in Room 113 of the Augusta Children’s Psychiatric Facility. Morris, 24, of Walden Drive, has been charged with sexual assault by those with supervisory or disciplinary powers. His official title was Health Services Technician.

Morris was arrested Tuesday for the crime and has already pawned himself. According to a Facebook page, he became a father last summer.

Three other former Lighthouse employees at the same Perimeter Parkway facility are serving jail time for similar patient sex crimes, all committed in 2017:

Former admissions coordinator Timothy Carroll was sentenced to 98 years in prison in December after a jury found him guilty of molesting a teenage patient. The crime happened in 2017 and went unsolved for over four years, leaving the man out on bail.

Timothy Caroll

The victim was 14 at the time and had turned 18 by the time she was able to testify about Carroll’s abuse of her while she was at the Lighthouse following a suicide attempt. She said Carroll showed her pornographic images of a woman fondling herself and a man’s genitals. Then he stroked her and took a picture of her with her breasts exposed.

For his crime, former psychiatrist Jacey Haskell accepted a plea deal in 2019 and was sentenced to 10 years behind bars followed by eight years of probation.

Jacey Haskell

In February 2017, he let a 16-year-old patient seduce him into oral sex. A video camera confirmed the supervisor’s sex crime, which took place while other patients were sleeping.

Former Lighthouse employee Christopher Calhoun was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2016 for sexually abusing a former patient. He took a young girl to his home and had sex with her. Calhoun had met her at Lighthouse.

Christopher Calhoun

Lighthouse is currently the subject of a lawsuit relating to at least one of the incidents, and Calhoun is personally named in the lawsuit.

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