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To some, the law of attraction sounds too good to be true. For others, it is a way of life to manifest their dreams and desires through this “law”.

Some say that almost anything is possible when one harnesses this supposedly universal power through the art of manifestation. There are even specific strategies, including using crystals, that can help achieve this.

Although there is no scientific evidence of this, there are still many believers. Read on to learn what proponents are saying about using crystals to manifest the life you want.

First things first, what exactly is manifesting itself?

Put simply, it is the process of making your desires a reality using the law of attraction.

“The basic and most widely held premise of the Law of Attraction is that thoughts become things, and where we focus we see more of our reality,” said Esther McCann, Law of Attraction coach and spiritual mentor.

Manifesting is also something we do subconsciously. Believers say that we are manifesting our realities with our expectations, thoughts, and feelings all the time.

“The law of attraction can be used by developing awareness of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and how they affect our energetic appearance in this world,” says McCann.

Emma Halley, crystal therapist and spiritual wellness trainer, explains that the law of attraction is based on energetic principles.

“We know that everything in the universe consists of energy at the subatomic particle level and that our thoughts have their own vibration,” she says. “When we consider that ‘like attracts like’, the things we think about and focus on become part of the vibration that we ourselves carry and therefore attract.”

At its core, manifesting means getting into vibrational alignment with your desires.

“The key to manifestation is to create a state of mind that vibrates at the same frequency as the life we ​​want to live,” says Halley.

Some people use crystals to match this vibrational frequency.

While the law of attraction is practiced by people all over the world, it is not without naysayers.

Some dismiss it as wishful thinking, others as utter nonsense. So what does science say?

Some research supports the idea that positive thinking can lead to happier lives. A 2005 research report of more than 275,000 participants found that people with “positive affect” were more likely to be more successful with health, work, and relationships.

A 2010 research report found that visualizing your desires as if they were achieved, a popular manifestation practice, increases the likelihood that that desire will become a reality.

Meanwhile, a 2016 study found that positive visualizations had the power to relieve anxiety and improve feelings of happiness.

It is important to note that there is no evidence to conclusively prove the existence of the law of attraction.

However, anecdotically, there are a growing number of people who credit the Law of Attraction for having helped them manifest everything from increased wealth and material things to improved health, new opportunities, and everything in between.

So how can crystals help you achieve vibrational alignment with the things you want?

Whether it is to attract your soulmate, get more money, or improve your health, believers say there is a crystal for this.

Crystals are said to carry powerful energies that can be used to affect the energy around and within us. Some believe that this can help with the process of manifestation.

“Crystals are super-powerful little life forces that grow organically, just like plants, animals, and humans,” says Halley. “They carry an electrical charge through the crystalline structure known as piezoelectricity.”

Halley believes that piezoelectricity, defined as electrical polarization caused by mechanical stress, affects the vibration of the crystal and the user on an energetic level.

While research on crystal healing is lacking, Halley suggests staying open-minded.

“A lot of people believe that crystal therapy is a placebo. I think after 20 years in business I can safely say that it’s way more, ”she says. “If it improves a person’s quality of life, why discard it because we cannot yet fully explain or understand it?”

While current science doesn’t support this, there is no harm in trying crystal manifestations, especially if you keep your expectations realistic.

According to crystal proponents, there are many different crystals that can help you manifest certain things in different areas of your life.

Money and success

  • Pyrite: believes in attracting abundance and increasing the sense of motivation in business and careers
  • Citrine: a popular crystal for wealth and success that encourages creativity, inspires ideas to make money
  • Green aventurine: known as the Opportunity Stone which is believed to attract attuned money making opportunities


  • Rose quartz: one of the most popular crystals to attract love and increase the feeling of self-love
  • Pink Kunzite: strengthens unconditional love and loving communication
  • Rhodonite: attracts love by healing emotional wounds such as heartache


  • Obsidian: helps release blockages in your body and increases the circulation of energy and flow
  • Quartz: known as the ‘master healer’, creates an optimal vibrational state for healing
  • Amethyst: calming, calming and healing for stress, tension and fear

Dreams and wishes

  • Celestite: can help you connect with the divine and remember your dreams, which McCann says can be useful for emotional processing.
  • Iron pyrite: eliminates feelings of inadequacy that can prevent you from achieving your dreams, says Halley.
  • Clear quartz: can help you gain clarity about what you want and is believed to raise your vibration to suit your desires.

Some common ways to use crystals to manifest are:

  • Letter of intent
  • they wear
  • Place them in your home or around you
  • meditate with them
  • use them in rituals

Make an intention

Setting an intention for your crystal is basically giving it a purpose. To do this, write down your intention or say it out loud.

When setting an intention, Halley recommends putting the crystal in your hand and focusing on your intention as if it had already happened.

Wear them

Many people like to wear crystals as jewelry or wear them on their bodies all day. Most popular crystals can be purchased as pendants, or you can slip one in your pocket for safekeeping.

Keep them around you

If you don’t want to wear your crystals, you can place them in your home. Both McCann and Halley are fans of it.

McCann suggests placing crystals in areas that correlate with your target.

“For example, pyrite and citrine could be placed in the office where money is made. Or they can be carried in a bag at night or placed under a pillow, ”she says.

Meditate with them

Combining crystals with meditation can enhance your ability to manifest.

McCann says this is because meditation allows you to calm down resistive thoughts that can keep you from manifesting. She also believes that meditation can help you receive divine guidance on how to move forward.

“Crystals can be used as a focal point for people who practice mindful meditation,” she says. “What we energetically release enables us to create space for new manifestations that flow into our experience.”

Remember to clean your crystals

Cleansing your crystals removes stagnant or unwanted energies and should be done regularly to maintain their purity.

To clean your crystals:

  • put in a bowl with salt
  • running under fresh water
  • Use sound healing tools like singing bowls
  • place in sunlight or moonlight
  • with frankincense, sage or Palo Santo. coat

Before putting your crystal in water, check the type on the Mohs hardness scale to make sure it won’t dissolve.

Halley says that when purchasing crystals, not only should you be careful about wasting money on counterfeiting, but also be aware of overmining.

“Crystals come from the earth, where they take thousands of years to grow. There is only a limited offer, ”she says.

Combined with the Law of Attraction, many people believe that crystals can be used to help manifest our dreams and desires more quickly. This is due to their supposed vibrational energies.

Of course, not everyone believes in the power of crystals or the law of attraction, and there is no scientific research to prove they work.

However, some say it doesn’t mean you should fire them.

“I like to remember that there is magic in everything and we don’t need to know all the answers,” says Halley.

Whatever your thoughts on manifesting with crystals, it can’t hurt to try it out for yourself.

Victoria Stokes is a British author. When she’s not writing about her favorite topics, personal development, and wellbeing, she’s mostly sticking her nose into a good book. Victoria counts coffee, cocktails and the color pink to her favorite things. Find them Instagram.



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