Billie Eilish and Nike team up for “100% vegan” Air Jordans



Award-winning singer Billie Eilish announced this week that she has teamed up with Nike to create two pairs of “100% vegan” Air Jordan sneakers. The shoes, slated for launch on Sept. 27, are just the latest step Eilish has taken to promote more animal-friendly fashion.

The 19-year-old singer announced the sneakers on Instagram and introduced the two options – a brown pair of Air Jordan 15 and a green pair of Air Jordan 1KO. The shoes, she said, are made from more than 20% recycled material and feature a logo on the tongue that Eilish claims to have drawn when she was 14.

In one backstage In a video posted by Nike, Eilish said the green color she and Nike went for is a “little old thing”.

“I really wanted it, almost like an ode to myself, in an appreciative and kind of sentimental way like I was for a while,” Eilish said in the video. “It sounds kind of stupid because it’s a shoe, but it means a lot.”

Eilish said it was “exciting” and “overwhelming” to create the shoes, especially because of the sustainability aspect.

“You can do cool shit and you don’t have to be wasteful,” she said.

The shoes are just Eilish’s latest venture to promote more sustainable fashion. She regularly speaks out against cruelty to animals and the use of fur in the fashion industry.

When Eilish wore a peach-colored dress designed by designer Oscar de la Renta at the Met Gala last week, she said she’d only be okay with it if the fashion house committed to it go completely fur-free.

“It was an honor to wear this dress, knowing that Oscar de la Renta will be completely fur-free in the future !!!” Eilish wrote on Instagram.

In May, Eilish said in a Video for the British Vogue series “Ask a legend” that she has been a vegan for seven years. She said she made the decision to go vegan after researching the meat industry and finding that she was uncomfortable with the processes and ethics.

“Once you know and see something like this, it’s really hard to go back,” she said. “And now, even though I have a lot of friends who eat dairy and meat and I don’t want to tell anyone what to do, I just can’t get on with my life knowing what is going on in the wildlife and how not to do anything about it. ”



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