Billie Eilish partners with Impossible Foods to go vegan at London’s O2 Arena


London’s O2 arena will remove all animal products from its famous venue Overheated, a six-day climate action event hosted by music artist Billie Eilish, environmental nonprofit Reverb, and Support + Feed. The latter is an organization founded by Eilish’s mother, Maggie Baird, to help vegan restaurants survive the pandemic while feeding vulnerable populations. In addition to serving vegan food, the O2 Arena will remove milk for drinks and replace it with plant-based alternatives.

“Within the O2 Arena, we, along with our catering partner Levy’s, have committed to making the food throughout the arena for the Billie Eilish residence 100 percent vegan,” according to the venue Posted to his website. “This includes a number of vegan food offerings on concessions and the removal of certain items.”

Impossible Foods is the official food partner of the event and will help replace animal products with delicious plant-based alternatives like Impossible Sausage Kofta and Impossible Chicken Parmigiana. Impossible Foods first entered the UK last month with the launch of its plant-based chicken and pork-free sausage products in select restaurants and chicken shops. The partnership with Eilish brings the mark to 2,300 Overheated Attendees.

“I’m thrilled to bring our food to our friends and fans Overheated and to support the next generation of changemakers shaping the future of our planet,” said Peter McGuiness, CEO of Impossible Foods, in a statement. “Billie, Maggie, Support + Feed and Reverb bring together an inspiring cohort of people who recognize that the food system is one of the most powerful tools we have to address climate change. It is an honor to join them and help support their climate change movement.”

For Eilish’s climate event, the brand has teamed up with Levy UK + Ireland, official caterer of the O2 Arena and Britain’s leading sports and entertainment caterer, to create the plant-based menu. “The culinary team feels honored to play their part Overheated event by delivering plant-based food that makes a real difference for the planet,” said Jon Davies, Managing Director of Levy UK + Ireland, in a statement. “Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Levy and we have committed to Net Zero across all UK venues by 2027.”

Billie Eilish focuses on climate protection

That Overheated The climate event takes place on June 10, 11, 12, 16, 25 and 26, dates that overlap with Eilish’s UK leg world tour happier than ever– a green tour with an overarching vegan message.

The opening Overheated The event will include introductions from Eilish and FINNEAS and a keynote address from Ellie Goulding, as well as a fireside chat between McGuiness and Baird, who will discuss the role of the global food system in the climate crisis. The six-day event will also feature live panels with influential activists such as Vanessa Nakate, Tori Tsui, Jack Harries and Samata Pattinson to encourage conversation about sustainability. “We are delighted to be in London and to have this opportunity to network and discuss different ways we can take action to mitigate the climate crisis,” Baird said in a statement.

VegNews.SupportandFeedsupport + feed

Besides vegan food, Overheated also features a collaboration with Citizen-T, an artist-led zero-waste slow fashion apparel company dedicated to reducing the waste generated by the fashion industry. The company will be hosting the free Citizen-T Playground June 10-12, where guests can participate in clothing swaps, learn about sustainable fashion and shop for loved ones.

“I’m thrilled to be among such global advocates for climate change,” Citizen-T founder and artist Stephanie Dillon said in a statement. “Our mission to keep 1.4 million pieces of clothing from landfill this year is getting closer to reality as a result of the artists we work with, the fans who support their views and those who make informed purchases by They wonder who benefits from your purchases and what impact your purchase will have on the planet. Together we make a difference.”

YouTube has partnered with Eilish to live stream the launch event on June 10 Live overheats on their channel and promote them on all other pages. To further help fans and activists figure out how they can do their part to help curb the climate crisis, the Overheated The documentary is available to stream on WePresent June 10-13 and includes the Overheated Digital Guide, a downloadable resource created by Baird that provides information and ideas to help everyone reduce their own carbon footprint.


Nike/Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish’s Animal Welfare

A vegan since she was 12, Eilish has used her fame in recent years to promote a variety of animal rights initiatives, many of which are linked to the climate crisis. As well as broadcasting vegan food messages during her world tour, Eilish has also done magic in the fashion world.

During the 2021 Met Gala, the activist agreed to wear an Oscar de La Renta dress if the luxury fashion label should finally go fur-free – signing the iconic fashion house. Eilish also has an ongoing relationship with athletic apparel brand Nike, reimagining some of their iconic sneaker styles with more sustainable, vegan materials. So far, the collaboration has resulted in vegan Air Force Ones and Air Jordans, among other things.

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