Blog: Tips for survival with a minimum wage (06/10/21)



How can you survive with a minimum wage and maybe there are tips on how to earn so little? We all know how easily debt can get out of hand, especially with people who are not very good at numbers or budgets. Sometimes circumstances beyond your control can upset your budget.

Not keeping up with the Joneses

If your minimum wage is being eaten up by your high rent every month, a good tip is to swallow your pride and move to a cheaper place. If there are only two of you in a 3-room house, you will move into a 1-room apartment. Lots of people have had to do this and it can save you a few hundred dollars every month.

It will free up money for you that you can spend on essentials. Do not hold onto furniture and equipment that you no longer use. Sell ​​your surplus furniture or even give it away if you can’t sell it and it gets in the way of moving to a smaller, cheaper place. It can be both invigorating and liberating to be free from such a high rent and free from clutter.

Change your eating habits

When you’re battling for a minimum wage, there are many things you can do to keep your money growing. There is no need to eat the so-called best foods and pay a fortune for them. One tip is to know that some brands are just as nutritious, but their simple packaging and private label make them a lot cheaper?

There’s nothing inferior about the food. Some innovative managers have gone a step further and are making sure that some of their generic private label brands even have organic options. It’s the ideal way to make sure you save some money and still stay healthy.

Get fit the cheap way

A lot of people like to say they go to the gym. Yes, a healthy lifestyle, especially in the pandemic, is most important, but you don’t have to go to the gym. There is also pressure to look different when walking and to wear the right sportswear. There are many affordable, sometimes better, exercise options that you can’t do in the gym.

Walking, running, swimming, hiking, biking, and lifting weights doesn’t cost you anything. If you don’t have a bike, exclude this activity. If you’re struggling to get out there are plenty of free workouts online too.

Get Rid of Worrying Debts

The minimum wage in the United States is $ 7.25 an hour, with many politicians saying it is not a living wage. Even so, many Americans make a living from it. You have discovered how Cashlink can provide you with flexible financial products in the hour of need. If something unexpected happens at home, where do you find the extra money to fix the problem?

Online payday loans can see you through a financial emergency. The process of getting quick money involves a lender who sees fit to provide you with a short term, unsecured loan that can help you out of a tricky financial dilemma. The beauty of a payday loan is that if cash is urgently needed in an emergency, the banks may slam their doors in your face, but you still have a chance with a reputable registered lender.

General tips for surviving a minimum wage

We have already proposed switching to supermarket brands of food that are of the same quality but only much more economical. Don’t pay extra for the stylish packaging. Plan detailed meals to cut your purchases to once a week instead of every other day and to save fuel. It’s worth making a list and sticking to it.

Shorten the daily shower time and turn the thermostat of the geyser down a few degrees in summer and save heating costs. If you are feeling completely burdened with debt and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel after trying all of these tips, you may need urgent financial help from reputable payday loan companies.



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