BluePearl special and emergency clinic for pets strengthens employees and creates a sustainable profession with investments over several years


With a new promotion and remuneration structure as well as further training incentives, the veterinarian offers clear paths to professional advancement.

BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital, a leader in advanced veterinary medicine with more than 100 hospitals in the United States, today announced its multi-year investments to create clear career paths for its employees. Essential aspects of these commitments are the introduction of BluePearls CareerTrax, which supports a unique compensation and compensation structure of its kind, as well as further training incentives. According to the company, CareerTrax is the industry’s largest electronic career path platform.

CareerTrax tracks the development of an individual’s skills for career advancement and provides employees with complete visibility into the requirements for each role, level and specialization. More than 5000 BluePearl assistants, technicians, paraprofessionals and other members of the support team benefit from CareerTrax and now have a direct and organized way to advance their education and careers.

“We at BluePearl know that because of the hard work, passion and dedication of our employees, we are able to care for pets when they are most needed,” said Nicholas Nelson, President of BluePearl, in a prepared Opinion. “That’s why we’re not only committed to providing the highest quality pets, but also promoting a culture of innovation and growth by meeting the personal and professional needs of our employees. By contributing to the development of our employees and helping them achieve their educational and career goals, we hope to create a more sustainable profession and support the careers of veterinarians across the industry. “

BluePearl’s new tiered qualification system expands career options for all employees, including front desk workers, allowing greater transparency about the opportunities available, as well as the skills and knowledge required to advance.

“To transform the delivery of specialty and emergency veterinary care, we must make working in our hospitals a sustainable career with clear pathways for advancement in both skill development and compensation,” said Angela Calderone, vice president of People and Organization, BluePearl , in a prepared opinion. “Through CareerTrax, we remove some of the professional barriers to career growth and provide organized opportunities for employees to expand their knowledge, skills and reach their full potential. While career-wide changes take time, we are excited to see the impact CareerTrax has on the quality of life of our employees and the quality of care for our patients. “

In addition to practical experience from working in a BluePearl hospital, the company’s employees have access to educational materials on the BluePearl University electronic learning and training platform, which provides access to more than 2,000 medical journals, books and abstracts. In addition, BluePearl has partnered with Penn Foster, an ACMA-CVTEA accredited school, to provide employees with an affordable path to becoming a recognized veterinary technician (CVT). BluePearl offers up to 90% study grants to eligible employees participating in the program, underscoring its commitment to providing sustainable career paths and improving standards of care across the profession.

Visit the BluePearl website for more information on the company’s career opportunities.


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