Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute Promotes Greater Equity Among Future Healthcare Leaders


KANSAS CITY, MO, NOVEMBER 2, 2021 – The Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute (BHLI), committed to eliminating health disparities among minority and vulnerable populations, recently hosted its annual leadership program, to provide undergraduate students professional development opportunities and internships in top healthcare systems across the country.

The leadership program is supported by Quest Diagnostics, the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services.

Founded by John W. Bluford III,A longtime local health executive and nationally recognized health leader, BHLI strives to advance health equity in today’s health care system by sponsoring, mentoring and mentoring under-represented talents for health leadership and creating opportunities for emerging leaders to improve health outcomes for minority and vulnerable populations.

“Through experiential learning, case studies and didactic activities supported by coaching, mentoring and sponsorship, the Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute proves that “If you can see it, you can be”,“said John W. Bluford, Founder and Chairman of BHLI.

The BHLI hosts a dynamic program where academics analyze contemporary issues in today’s healthcare landscape with leading national and local leaders in the field, such as Patrice Harris, MD, MA, past president of the American Medical Association and Lloyd Dean, CEO of CommonSpirit Health. Topics covered in the program include health law, health information technology, physician leadership, public health, public policy, social determinants of health, telehealth and virtual care, and equity of care, among other topics.

The Institute provides its researchers with exposure to various health-related businesses and organizations, including a glimpse of an urban core safety net hospital by visiting onsite Truman / University Health Medical Centers and its Department. behavioral health in addition to a visit to Swope Health, a federal qualified health center; Kansas City City, MO Department of Health; Cerner, a healthcare information technology company; and Polsinelli Law Firm Healthcare Practice.

During the leadership program, researchers research and present a case study presentation that offers innovative solutions to provide quality, affordable and accessible care to underrepresented communities.

Upon completion of the leadership program, fellows then participate in a paid 10-12 week internship with a healthcare organization or leading partner where they gain first-hand experience in strategy, planning and collaboration between the administrative and clinical teams of a health care system.

BHLI fellows have completed internships locally at the Health Forward Foundation, Netsmart Technologies, Saint Luke Health System, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, Swope Health, Truman Medical Center and the University of Kansas, among others.

Through their internship experiences, Kansas City academics and others have been exposed to healthcare companies such as America’s Essential Hospitals, Washington DC; Atlantic Health System, Morristown, New Jersey; Health Atrium; Charlotte, North Carolina; BJC Healthcare, St. Louis, MO; Carilion Clinic, Roanoke, Virginia; Duke University Hospital, Durham, North Carolina; Henry Ford Health System, Detroit, MI; Hennepin Healthcare, Minneapolis, Minnesota; Teaching Hospitals Health System, Cleveland, OH; and Quest Diagnostics, Secaucus, New Jersey, among others.

To date, BHLI has supervised 113 scientists through its leadership development program and coordinated 82 internships at 42 leading healthcare sites in the name of scholars.

Eighty of the Institute 90 academics who completed their undergraduate degrees are now serving in the health field or obtaining related graduate degrees. BHLI has a strategic and positive impact on the healthcare field through its development of a pipeline of diverse and culturally competent talent that is committed to improving access to quality and affordable healthcare among populations. underserved.

Quest Diagnostics works with BHLI to support nationally competent under-represented academics for leadership roles in healthcare through the intense professional development program. Quest Diagnostics and the Quest Diagnostics Foundation are supporting this program as part of Quest for Health Equity, a multi-year commitment focused on providing a combination of testing services, education programs, partnerships and funding to support initiatives aimed at closing the gap in health care. disparities in underserved communities.

“We are honored to support BHLI and its mission to develop the next generation of leaders in healthcare,” said Mandell Jackson, Managing Director and Vice President of Quest for Health Equity. “When the COVID-19 pandemic hit our country, BHLI pivoted and Quest for Health Equity provided critical funding to support their transition to a virtual program. Our support has helped BHLI continue to empower its academics, ensuring access to the resources, ideas and education necessary to advance their careers.

“BHLI is extremely grateful for the investment and the partnership with Quest for Health Equity,” said Bluford. “It is a blessing that Quest Diagnostics has joined with other high quality industry leaders in supporting our high-level intervention from top undergraduate minority academics with influential healthcare professionals. We look forward to a long-term relationship with Quest to help change the trajectory of healthcare. disparities. ”

About the Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute (BHLI)

The Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute (BHLI) is 501 (c) 3, an intense professional development program with a mission to eliminate health disparities among minority and vulnerable populations by cultivating a pool of under-represented academics culturally competent for leadership roles in health care. Through a series of experiential activities, analyzing health issues with expert national presenters, site visits and internships, BHLI exposes academics to today’s healthcare landscape and challenges future leaders to develop innovative solutions and policies to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable populations. The BHLI promotes workforce development and fosters innovation among underrepresented academics that will impact the 21st century healthcare environment.

About Quest Diagnostics
Quest Diagnostics empowers people to take action to improve health outcomes. Derived from the world’s largest database of clinical laboratory results, Quest’s diagnostic knowledge reveals new avenues for identifying and treating disease, inspiring healthy behaviors, and improving healthcare management. Quest Diagnostics serves one in three American adults and half of all doctors and hospitals in the United States each year, and our nearly 50,000 employees understand that, in the right hands and in the right context, our diagnostic knowledge can inspire action that transform lives.

About Quest for Health Equity
In pursuit of health equity is an initiative of Quest Diagnostics and the Quest Diagnostics Foundation focused on providing resources, funding, testing and education to address health disparities in underserved communities across the United States


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