Brazil’s farm of the future brings its vegan meat to American diners


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Future Farm, the Brazilian plant-based food technology, is now preparing to enter the US market this summer. It plans to bring its flagship Future Burger to American diners, as well as its vegan beef, meatball, and sausage products. The company is hiring industry veteran Alexandre Ruberti to run its American business and aims to “seize untapped growth opportunities among US consumers.”

Future Farm, also known as Fazenda Futuro, will shortly be delivering their plant-based meat to American diners. It will work with distributor Superior Foods International to enter the market at a “low cost” to seize “untapped growth opportunities” in the US

The first product to hit the market is its flagship – Future Burger. Future Farm will then expand the range to include Future Beef, Future Meatball and Future Sausage. All of their products are vegan and made from non-genetically modified plant ingredients such as pea protein, soy protein, chickpeas and beets.

The plant-based burger from Future Farm. (Image: Future Farm)
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“Democratization of plant-based meat options”

Cost competitiveness will be an integral part of Future Farm’s strategy. Selling at an affordable price of $ 5.29, the company hopes to “democratize plant-based meat options for consumers.”

What the brand has achieved already shows us that this partnership will be filled with high demand.

John Sayers, Sales & Marketing Director, Superior Foods International

According to Future Farm, this approach has been the core of its success in its other international markets. Since its inception, it has established itself in 23 countries around the world. In the United Arab Emirates, the brand is available from retail giant Carrefour, where it holds 31% of the market share of vegetable meat. That’s more than Beyond Meat, the company says.

“With a strong pulse of consumer trends and expected growth in the branded meat alternatives category, we know the US market is prepared for Future Farm’s platform,” commented John Sayers. Sayers is Director of Sales and Marketing at Superior Foods, Future Farm’s US distribution partner.

“What the brand has already achieved in such a short time shows us that this partnership will be filled with high demand,” he continued. “We can hardly wait to get started and not look back.”

Ex-Red Bull manager takes over the reins

Future Farm has hired Alexandre Ruberti to manage US operations. Ruberti is a 25-year-old industry veteran who previously ran Red Bull North America.

“Entering the world’s strongest economy as a new brand in an emerging category would not be possible without the experience, commitment and expertise of a market leader,” said Marcos Leta, co-founder of Future Farm.

“His demonstrated knowledge, influence and innovative contributions to the F&B industry were critical” to the US launch, added Leta. “We are moving into the next phase of growth and proving that it is possible to change the way the world eats meat from country to country.”

Future Farm Burger plated
Future Burger (Image: Future Farm)

We have all the key elements in place and a unique opportunity ahead of us to make a significant impact.

Alexandre Ruberti, CEO, Future Farm USA

Plant-based poultry and fish on the horizon

Future Farm starts its US entry with a range of plant-based beef and pork products. However, the company plans to intensify research and development in the coming months and expand its range to include poultry and fish analogues.

The company’s latest innovation is the Futuro Burger 2030. The new vegan patty has an improved nutritional profile with lower sodium and fat content – a clear choice to meet the rising clean label trend.

“We all have key elements and a unique opportunity to make a significant impact as one of the key players in the category,” said Ruberti. “Not only to meet consumer demands … but also to drastically reduce the consumption of animal protein.”

All images courtesy of Future Farm.

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