Celebrate World Vegan Day with these products and promotions



This November 1st is celebrated Vegan World Day, an option pretending to eat and use products that are not of animal origin. So much to eat, dress or make-up. Celebrate World Vegan Day with these products and promotions to do on a daily basis.

Both when eating, when getting dressed and even when applying make-up. Brands know that we need a better world for ourselves and our animals and there are more and more vegan items.

Products and habits to promote veganism

The meatless burger

The gourmet hamburger chain Timesburg gives special meaning to one of its most iconic burgers: The Beyondburg, made with vegetable protein and accompanied by vegan mozzarella, lettuce, tomatoes, fresh onions and crispy kikos with soy sauce.

In terms of appearance, texture, consistency and taste, they are Beyond burger It is the product that is most similar to animal meat, almost indistinguishable because its juiciness is reminiscent of minced meat. It’s made from a mixture of beans, rice, and pea protein.

100% vegan hair color

Veganism is a thriving lifestyle and a growing number of people have adopted it in recent years. Hence, the rise in ethical consumption increases the demand for vegan cosmetics.

Chromoplus Colorica is a permanent color, 100% vegan with European VeganOk certificate and cruelty free. It is a coloring system that contains the most modern raw materials, innovative technology and a lot of passion in a single permanent color, 100% vegan and dermatologically tested.

Vegan chicken and meat

NeWind Foods contains a full line of frozen vegetable protein products with no preservatives or artificial colors. You are with structured vegetable protein base with a special recipe this not only gives them all the flavor of animal protein but also their texture, and they are already available to consumers in certain supermarkets.

Vegan cosmetics

Kun-Tu Cosmetics is vegan, unisex, cruelty-free … and with countless national and international awards. For its part, Fabiola Organic Care has these in its cosmetics antioxidant and anti-aging properties of argan and camellia japonica. The seal that guarantees all of its formulations is not only vegan certified, but also Natrue, one of the most demanding and respected in the universe of organic cosmetics.

Celebrate World Vegan Day with these products and promotions

And Dalire will present formulated vegan and sulfate-free shampoos in Seville. Free from harmful chemicals, its natural products fight the vast majority of diseases of the hair and scalp, such as root weakness, irritation, alopecia and seborrheic dermatitis.

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