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The Sedona Chamber and presenting sponsor APS, with underwriting support from Barlow Jeep Rentals and Weddings in Sedona, worked to bring together over 100 corporate leaders in the greater Sedona area to share our role as the new fiscal year starts on July 1st.

The Sedona Chamber Board reaffirms the organization’s commitment to being a 3C Chamber – a catalyst for business growth, a convener of leaders and influencers to solve regional problems, and a champion for a thriving community – to you, our business partners serve and fellowship by and large.

We’re a membership organization rooted in relationships, and our annual partner meeting, slated for 2021, was a first step towards creating a broader business coalition that will include the Oak Creek village and other unincorporated areas such as Oak Creek Canyon, as well as regional businesses across the Verde Valley includes. in addition to our core partners in the city of Sedona to join us in our mission.

As the voice of business in the greater Sedona area, we will campaign for the power of travel to drive the economy of Northern Arizona and ensure a positive business climate on behalf of our 750+ member companies.

We will address labor shortages, the lack of affordable housing and short-term rental impacts, childcare, public transportation and more. Our partners can expect ongoing educational resources and networking opportunities to build and forge deep relationships with us and with one another.

Friday June 17 became the first official holiday since 1983 Martin Luther King Day to mark the emancipation of slavery in the United States. As a country, community and organization, we need to work for a more diverse, fairer and more inclusive society.

As Sedona’s official destination management organization, we will drive sustainability forward and take responsibility for the destination as part of Arizona’s First Sustainable Tourism Plan for Sedona, the special place that consumes its natural resources, which are critical to the success of our industry.

Our goal is the balance between a flourishing visitor economy and the preservation of the environment and quality of life for our residents.

Our tourism-dependent economy operates in a complex governance ecosystem that includes Congressional District 1, the state of Arizona, Yavapai and Coconino counties, Sedona City, Oak Creek Village and other unincorporated areas, land management agencies such as Arizona State Parks and Coconino National Forest and ADOT. The Sedona Chamber is well positioned to catalyze a regional approach to convening and facilitating working with these stakeholders as we seek solutions to unforeseen and exponential growth.

Come join us on Wednesday, August 25th for the first in-person Community Pulse Event presented by APS to find out more.

As an industry leader, the Sedona Chamber will leverage its reputation in the pursuit of continued organizational excellence to cement its long-term value proposition in meeting the needs of our partners and the Greater Sedona Region.

The recent extreme heat, major active fires in the Coconino and Prescott National Forests leading to ready-set-go protocols, supply chain disruptions leading to product shortages and canceled domestic flights, and new spikes in COVID variants illustrate the need for that we need to stay adaptable to stay relevant.

Thank you to all of our member companies for your support so far. Your Chamber in Sedona – where politics, people and places come together to create community – looks forward to serving you in the year to come.



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