Children’s Family Night at Six Flags filled the park to raise funds for youth health


On the evening of Friday, April 1st, North Texas was awash with everything from face-painted munchkins, swanky philanthropists and burly wrestling fans.

As hundreds of thousands in t-shirts filled downtown Dallas with their favorite WrestleMania athletes and clogged freeway traffic, the generous donors who made the cut for Saturday’s Sweetheart Ball made their way to the Patronage Party.

But despite the movement in the parking lots along I-30, kids and their parents made their way to the 54th Annual Family Night at Six Flags.

And what a relief it was as the parking lot filled up to find the Superman Tower of Power standing tall against a pristine sky.

In recent years, Children’s Health fundraisers have really turned heads with Ma Nature (e.g. the Holiday Parade and an earlier Family Night Scare from Unkind Skies). But this evening the conditions were ideal for t-shirts and shorts.

Tweety Bird
Tom Thumb
bugs bunny

For the VIP reception, Bugs Bunny, Tom Thumb and Tweety Bird strolled through the crowd and stopped to take photos while a clown made balloon animals. Over to the side landry, chandler, Ellis and Finley waited their turn to have their faces painted.

Landry, Chandler, Ellis and Finley

Inside the Crazy Horse Saloon, it was a sight that would have made a drover cry with joy — a buffet on one side of the room and a friendly bartender on the other for the likes Johanna Clarke, Holly Hassmannco-chairs Katy Brooks, Megan Brooks, Elle Finney, Gina Finney, Mary Catherine Finney and Meredith Finney and Six Flags GM Sharon Parker.

Joanna Clarke and Holly Hassman
Marc Istook
Sharon Parker

In the middle was a stage. But instead of dancehall girls, it was WFAAs Marc Istook acts as emcee and introduces the President of the Children’s Medical Center Foundation Brent Christopher who shared a little about the story of the 60-year-old women’s aide at Children’s Medical Center who has donated more than $24 million to the Children’s Medical Center Foundation. He also noted that the evening’s success was due to the Assistant President Lisa Rocchio and the honorary co-chairs Maura and Tim Costello.

John and Lisa Rocchio, Brent Christopher and Maura and Tim Costello

As a sign of the results of the efforts, the honorary patient family was presented Melissa and Greg Dvorocsik and their youngsters Peter and Hanna were presented. Melissa opened up about how her relationship with Children’s began just before daughter Hannah was born. During this time, tests indicated that Hannah’s birth would have challenges. But thanks to the team at Children’s Health’s FETAL center, Hannah’s birth was relatively successful until the next day when she started having trouble breathing, which resulted in her being in the NICU for three weeks.

Thanks to Hannah’s five surgeries at Children’s for a cleft palate, chronic ear infections, and a seizure, she’s now in preschool, learning to speak and walking, and just starting her first cheerleading class.

As if to prove that point, Hannah managed to steal the scene as only a toddler can. But to wrap up the presentation, her parents asked if she wanted to thank the crowd responsible for the financial support. And like the best-trained naive, Hannah played coyly hard to get. Then, as all eyes turned to her, she looked up, smiled, and said, “Thanks.” Her timing was impeccable.

Then it was time for the tape cutting, with Melissa holding the scissors and Hannah continuing with the scene stealing.

Marc Istook, Brent Christopher, Tim and Maura Costello, Lisa Rocchio, Mary Catherine Finney, Peter Dvorocsik, Melissa and Greg Dvorocsik, Hannah Dvorocsik, Meredith Finney, Katy Brooks, Megan Brooks, Elle Finney and Tom Thumb

With the ribbon cutting, the official night at Six Flags was upon us.

Family home evening 2022 at Six Flags

As the crowd poured into the park, Sharon walked the grounds, speaking to guests and helping the family with directions. While admitting the pandemic had been a challenge, the Six Flags team knew people wanted to come to the park, which has been providing family fun since 1961.

On that day, the park thrived with families also celebrating and supporting the health of children like Hannah.


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