Children’s of Mississippi Opens Clinic for MIS-C Patients


JACKSON, miss. (WJTV) – MIS-C or Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children is a rare but serious condition believed to be a delayed response to COVID-19. In MIS-C, the immune system of a child infected with COVID-19 attacks the body’s healthy cells, especially those that affect blood vessels, the heart, and other organs.

According to the Mississippi Department of Health (MSDH), more than 83 children had MIS-C between the start of the pandemic and mid-August this year. Five of these children died.

More than 80 children were admitted to Children’s of Mississippi Hospital with the disease, which required ongoing care from multiple subspecialists. This is because the state is still seeing acute cases of COVID-19 in children.

“What we have now is both MIS-C and Severe Acute COVID-19, and I think it’s because schools are dropping the mask requirement,” said Dr. Charlotte Hobbs, Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Director of the UMMC’s MIS-C Clinic. “We saw this decline in Acute COVID-19 and then MIS-C, and now Acute COVID-19 is on the rise again. Acute COVID and MIS-C at the same time are something that has never happened before and it is preventable. “

Children with MIS-C are usually hospitalized for several days to a week or more and are cared for by a team of sub-specialists. Treatment consists of drugs to weaken the immune response as well as anticoagulant drugs due to the high risk of clotting with MIS-C. Because the effects of the disease can persist well beyond hospitalization, it is important that these patients be followed up by the same subspecialists.

The pediatric rheumatologist Dr. Anita Dhanrajani said several specialists come together to provide the best care to patients.

“This clinic and support is essential for these children and families,” said Dr. Charlotte Hobbs. “Every parent of one of our MIC-C patients in the clinic told me how happy and grateful they were to be able to see every area in one day.”

Gordon and Hobbs commend the entire Children’s of Mississippi team for making the clinic run so smoothly.


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