CHIME names Theresa Meadows Cook Children’s Health CIO of the Year


The nationwide association of healthcare CIOs has named a children’s hospital CIO CIO of the year. Executives from the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) have interviewed Theresa Meadows of the Ft. Cook Children’s Health System of Worth, Texas for this recognition.

The press release announcing the honor began like this: In the 1990s, Theresa Meadows was tapped to teach doctors a new system, since she was familiar with them as a heart transplant and interventional cardiology nurse. This interim role sparked a passion for healthcare IT that would lead her to the main stage at the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) Fall Forum conference to accept the CHIME 2023 CIO of the Year award. The award is presented annually to a CIO who has demonstrated significant leadership and a lifetime of achievement in the healthcare IT industry. The awardee will be selected by the CIO of the Year Awards committee, composed of previous awardees, and will be approved by the CHIME Board of Directors.”

“As I reviewed the list of previous winners, I was very impressed to see that more than half of the names on that list have served as a mentor, role model, and supporter to me throughout my career,” Meadows said of her acceptance. “I cannot stress enough to aspiring leaders the importance of finding strong mentors and participating in organizations like CHIME to build their professional networks. These networks have helped me grow in my career but also allowed me to give back to the industry.”

The press release continued, “Theresa’s experience as a nurse gives her a unique ability to be fluent in both the language of healthcare and technology, seamlessly merging the two disciplines. And that’s exactly what she’s been doing for over 20 years. Some of this barrier-breaker’s most endearing qualities are her humility, confidence, influence and presence.” And she quoted Russ Branzell, President and CEO of CHIME, who said of Meadows, “Her highly personal approach to leadership embodies the highest industry standards. She has distinguished herself for her contributions to the industry and to her organization.”

The press release continued, “Meadows’ experience prepared her to support the clinical response to the greatest challenge healthcare has faced in his life. When COVID-19 struck, her team helped doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers see thousands of patients via virtual telemedicine visits. When the vaccine became available, within days they created a patient portal to support massive drive-through vaccination. They have also continued to push projects unrelated to the pandemic but have certainly been challenged by it. Theresa and her team recently celebrated the 1 year anniversary of opening the Peaks Tech Zone at Cook Children’s Pediatric Specialties – Prosper. The zone is believed to be a unique hybrid model that combines a technology lounge with a personal helpdesk where guests can receive personal technical assistance from a health technology advocate.”

“I’m so incredibly grateful to the amazing colleagues and family I’ve built through the digital health industry and here at CHIME,” said Meadows. “Thank you for supporting, challenging and inspiring me every step of the way.”


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