Conversion to veganism? Here are some simple substitutes that will ensure you don’t sacrifice flavor


Vegan January, or Veganuary as it’s popularly known, is an annual challenge set up by the UK non-profit organization of the same name to raise awareness of veganism and encourage people to embrace the lifestyle for the month of January.

If you’re someone trying the same thing or wanting to try going vegan and incorporating more vegan foods into your diet, cutting out non-veg foods can be the biggest obstacle. But no worry!

There are several vegan substitutes that you can use to replace your non-veg foods. Your food stays just as delicious and you can experiment and play around with your meals. Because if you’ve already made up your mind to switch to a vegan diet, nothing can be harder.

Here are some simple substitutes for commonly used non-veg foods when cooking.


The water from a can of chickpeas or cooked chickpeas, called aquafaba, is an easy and free alternative to eggs. For a vegan alternative to egg, you can also use applesauce, store-bought or homemade fresh apples, silken tofu, ripe bananas, and ground flaxseed in water.


Milk is perhaps the easiest to substitute given the wide variety of options readily available in the market such as almond milk, soy milk, oat milk and coconut milk, all of which can also be made at home.


A completely unprocessed and super healthy alternative to meat is jackfruit – a better and more sustainable option as opposed to the ultra-processed mock meats on the market. Its shredded texture mimics the texture of meat, making it a very popular choice when preparing burgers and sandwiches. Tofu and tempeh are other great alternatives.


There are now a variety of non-dairy cheeses on the market that, while not mimicking the real thing, are also delicious. But if you want something cheaper, you can try nutritional yeast, which mimics the taste of parmesan in pasta and salads.

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