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FORT VALUE (CBSDFW.COM) – Cook Children’s Medical Center has taken the rare step of canceling elective surgery while they work to manage the COVID-19 surge, calling the situation “grim.”

“Every time you plan an operation, there is something a patient has to do to improve their health and well-being,” said Cheryl Peterson, vice president, chief nursing officer, Cook Children. “We understand this, and we know what a difficult decision this was not only for us as leaders in the organization, but also for our surgeons and for our patients and families.

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Peterson says emergency operations are continuing.

Meanwhile, the hospital reiterated in a statement that even among pediatric patients, the current surge is an unvaccinated crisis, stating, “Half of the COVID-19 patients we have treated have since approved the vaccine for children aged 12 and over were unvaccinated teenagers. We have not treated a single vaccinated patient for severe COVID-19. “

Cook Children’s hospital directors say they have assessed elective surgeries on a case-by-case basis over the past month and rescheduled if necessary.

Now it is said without end that this strategy no longer works.

You have reached a point where hospital staff are no longer able to care for all of the dependent children.

“My message to our community partners,” says Peterson, “is vaccination.”

That message is echoed by Dallas’ Children’s Health as they manage their own patient surge.

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“So this winter happens to us in the summer, where the mix of all the respiratory viruses and teething troubles and injuries that occurred in the summer also happened at a time when we had another spike with COVID-19. “Says Tammy Webb, chief nursing officer, Children’s Health.

And let’s not forget, the cold and flu season is just around the corner.

“There are a lot of predictive models out there, but we really don’t know what’s going to happen. But with schools starting again for several weeks now, we are concerned that there are more and more of these communicable diseases that children spread when they are together. “

Children’s Health, Cook Children’s in Fort Worth, and Medical City Children’s all urge parents to take COVID-19 seriously and take precautions, starting with vaccines for those who may be eligible.

“Because this vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective at protecting against serious illness, hospitalization, and death,” said Philip Ewing, MD, Emergency Pediatric Medicine, Medical City Children’s Hospital.

“It is also important that children are surrounded by vaccinated individuals such as parents and teachers, which provides a kind of protective shield to further protect them.”

Cook Children’s hospital directors say they have seen a “very slight decrease” in patient exposure over the past few days. But. The decline prompted “nothing to celebrate at this point,” says Peterson, “because we continue to have great concerns about the presence and positivity of COVID in our community.”

And other local healthcare executives agree.

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“The most common cause and where children usually get this virus is in their own house, in their own household, with their own family members,” said Webb of Dallas Children’s Health. “So I would absolutely encourage anyone who has young, unvaccinated children to encourage their family members to vaccinate.”


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