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A mobile food trailer is taking the Greenville restaurant scene by storm, one vegetable at a time.

Lush Health Drinks and Vegan Eats now has a main location, 618 Hwy 82 E., next to Karpet Korner, where customers can select and order from a menu of various plant-based dishes, juices and smoothies.

To keep up to date with daily hours of operation and available menu items, customers are encouraged to follow the Lush Health Drinks and Vegan Eats Facebook page and visit the website at

Owners Alicia and Hugh Robinson began their journey with plant-based food and beverages with their community’s overall health and wellness in mind.

But of course it started at home.

“It really was the work of the Lord,” Alicia said of her business. “He really got me and my husband to start without meat when we fasted with our church for about a year. When it came time to break the fast, God simply led us not to return to the flesh.”

Alicia adheres to a pescetarian and plant-based diet and Hugh eats meat very sparingly and also adheres to a mostly plant-based diet.

Their transition to a mostly plant-based diet began in January 2021, although it had been on their hearts years earlier after watching the Netflix documentary called What the Health.

“Since 2015, it has been our desire to let go of meat, but it takes willpower, determination and discipline to stop eating something you’ve enjoyed your entire life. When the Lord opened that door, we basically just walked with it and didn’t look back,” Alicia said.

Hugh noted that the longest he’s ever refused meat was 14 months, and his wife revealed his weakness was the famously hot wing.

However, when Hugh and Alicia decided to give up meat for an extended period of time, they decided not to succumb to the monotony of eating a salad with every meal.

“We got creative. We learned about jackfruit and pecan meat and we fell in love and we discovered that there are so many mushrooms that can be cooked and prepared in so many ways and I thought, “I don’t have to have meat,” Alicia recalls.

When family members tried Hugh and Alicia’s plant-based cooking and liked it, they thought they might as well introduce it to the community to see how it would be received.

“We know people want to do better, but when you don’t have the opportunity, it can be difficult,” Alicia said.

“That’s the thing, and when you eat better, you feel better and people can see it in you,” Hugh said.

And with March being observed as Colon Cancer Awareness Month in the city of Greenville, Hugh shared that such disparities in health, particularly among people of color, are part of what drives him and Alicia.

“If it had been introduced in our community maybe 10 or even 20 years ago, we could have avoided or maybe prevented these cancers with the fruits and vegetables we use and the different herbs and spices,” he said. “All the ingredients we use are cancer-killing ingredients.”

The mutual happiness of providing this service to the community is evident with Hugh and Alicia, and seeing real meat eaters enjoy their dishes gives them “a real confidence boost”.

“I wanted people to understand that health equals wealth,” added Hugh.

Alicia found it difficult to pick just one favorite among her menu items, but she managed to narrow it down to one of the top 3.

“It’s hard to answer just because certain people like certain things, but I have to say that the top three most popular dishes are the lasagna, the pecan meat tacos, and the cauliflower wings. We only make the lasagna once a week, so we know we’ll have to make a lot if we do,” she said.

Alicia also pointed out the online menu, anything that doesn’t say next to “coming soon” is available as some items will be coming soon in terms of availability such as: B. Customized drinks.

Their readily available health drinks are Ginger Rush, Atomic Green, and Pomegranate Power, all of which have anti-inflammatory properties.

In particular, Atomic Green has properties that lower blood pressure.

Lush Health Drinks and Vegan Eats launched at their current location last Thursday.

“From Thursday to Friday, despite the weather, it was amazing, people were still coming,” she said. “On Saturday we are only open for four hours and we saw so many faces. Here in Greenville, there are people from all walks of life who have moved away from eating meat.”

Ultimately, it was the rewards of good health that drove Alicia and Hugh to fully realize their vision, which began with only offering health drinks.

A random thought of nature’s “abundant” products inspired Hugh’s name idea and his wife saw the potential.

Alicia highlighted her initial weight loss of 20 pounds as she transitioned to a plant-based diet, as well as going from feeling sluggish to feeling much more energetic.

She also pointed to the difference her transition has made in her spiritual life.

“If you think about fasting to hear from God, you’re ridding your body of all the junk that’s causing your body not to function as it should. When you feel better, you make better decisions and I’ve been able to hear God a lot more clearly since I stopped eating meat,” Alicia added. “Those are the real health benefits of choosing to do better.”


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