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Rauner compared ignorance of the Medicaid numbers to someone who wanted to buy a house and didn’t know the intricate details of the house’s structure, interior, plumbing, heating, and maintenance. He went further in clearing up some of Medicaid’s problems and comparing them to what Medicare can achieve with ACO’s work in Nebraska.

“As Chief Medical Officer of One Health Nebraska, we work with insurance companies. If we make everyone healthy and save the money, then we’ll share the money with them, and that’s a good thing, ”said Rauner of his ACO, one of eight in Lincoln, which he illustrated with graphics.

He also pointed out that it would be better for the patients because they would save money on co-payments and the health insurance companies would also save more money.

“What drives me crazy is that the public doesn’t know about it, and we’ve been doing that for eight years with clinics that sign Medicare contracts,” said Rauner. “Medicare does some cool things and a lot of stupid things; it’s kind of a mixed bag. But what they actually do is publish the results of these clinics every year, and if you know where to find them, you can find that data. “

The ACOs are groups of doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers who volunteer to band together to provide coordinated, quality care to their Medicare patients, according to their website. One Health Nebraska is part of seven other ACOs serving Lincoln, including Alegent Health Partners, Bryan Health Connect, Midwest Health Coalition ACO, Nebraska Health Network, NPG Health Collaborative, Think ACO, and TPN Health Partners.


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