Elon Musk’s SpaceX alarm rang the toilet during the Inspiration4 trip due to “challenges”; What really happened?


After some “challenges” during the three-day civilian crew of Inspiration4’s flight around the world, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said he plans to upgrade the toilets on the company’s Dragon spaceship.

After three days in orbit, cruising 335 miles above the surface of the earth, the four-man crew landed near Cape Canaveral, Florida on Saturday evening.

Musk announced on a. at tweet Monday, on which he was allowed to talk to the amateur astronauts about their historic mission.

SpaceX Inspiration4 Toilet Problems: The alarm started to ring

First and foremost, SpaceX needs to fix the toilets. An alarm rang as Jared Isaacman and his three comrades flew freely through Earth orbit. It only protected the crew from the harsh vacuum of space with a 13-foot-wide carbon fiber capsule.

It’s unclear what was wrong with the toilets, but it wasn’t the view.

“Definitely improved toilets 🙂 We had some challenges with this this flight,” Musk said in a tweet on Monday.

The ship’s toilet, according to Jared Isaacman, one of the ship’s crew members, was in the ceiling and had an all-glass dome that gave users an unparalleled 360-degree view of the cosmos as they conduct their business.

In one CNN Report, Isaacman said the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft’s systems were alerting the crew of a “serious” problem. They had spent months analyzing SpaceX records and training how to respond to emergencies in space, so they jumped in and worked with SpaceX ground controllers to find out what went wrong.

It turned out that the Crew Dragon was in no danger. The on-board toilet, however, does not.

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SpaceX, Elon Musk’s space company, is donating $ 50 million, a grant that puts the private Inspiration4 space mission on top of its quest to raise $ 200 million for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital .

SpaceX Inspiration4 crew completed over 15 orbits around the earth and offers a breathtaking view of the planet from the dome

SpaceX Inspiration4 toilet problem: to blame for the waste management system

Going to the bathroom, like anything else in space, is difficult. Making sure everything goes down the toilet in a healthy person on earth is usually a simple matter of goal. However, there is no sense of gravity in space. There is no guarantee that whatever comes out will end up exactly where it belongs. Waste can – and does – travel in any direction.

Space toilets have fans inside to create suction that solves this problem. They essentially remove waste from the human body and store it. And fans of the Crew Dragon’s “waste management system” had mechanical problems. That alerted the crew.

CBS said Scott “Kidd” Poteet, an Inspiration4 mission director who oversees the field mission, highlighted the issues with the waste management system.

However, when Isaacman was specifically asked about this Thursday, he said there had been no such trouble in the dressing room.

Other SpaceX Inspiration4 problems

Elon Musk said in The Independent report that other future improvements will include a “small oven for heating food”. He had already apologized to the crew for the cold pizza and promised that a “food warmer” would be provided. ”Isaacman claimed the dinner was great and he had no complaints.

“Yes, a small oven for heating food and Starlink WiFi,” he said tweeted.

Musk also said that SpaceX would equip the Dragon with WiFi connection via Starlink satellites. Jared Isaacman stated that the photos from Inspiration4 were few because the spacecraft only had “so many ground station passes for video broadcasting” and government agencies like NASA were given priority in using those contacts.

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