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MUMBAI: More than 500 activists and animal lovers took part in the Animal Liberation March on Carter Road in Bandra (west) on Saturday to “highlight the cruelty” involved in the meat and dairy industries.
Participants urged citizens to go vegan as it does not involve cruelty to animals and is healthy for the environment.
Vegan activist Arvind Kannan, who traveled all the way from Chennai, said: “This is a very impressive number of people promoting veganism. Slowly many world citizens are becoming vegan as they are aware of the cruelty that takes place in the dairy and meat industries.”
Slogans like “Don’t take any more milk, eggs! Stop all cruelty to animals!” were raised at the march. Animal activist Sneha Visaria said: “There is a greater awareness of calves being denied their mothers’ milk and even being touched so the milk can be sold to people.” She added: “Cows are becoming like factory machines, which is cruelty. ”
Activists highlighted how animals raised on farms for the meat industry led to increases in methane and other gases that are bad for the environment. Organizers are planning similar marches in other cities to promote veganism.
Activists insisted that all animals have the fundamental right to live free from use, exploitation, abuse and cruelty for food, clothing, experimentation, entertainment or any other purpose.
The event also looked at ‘speciesism’, a form of discrimination in which members of one species are treated as morally more important than members of other species. So the event represented all the animals. With posters with messages such as “Ditch Dairy”, “Ditch Eggs”, the participants called on people to give up animal products.
Celebrities like singer Anushka Manchanda and actress Kitu Gidwani were among the attendees.
Shweta Savla, an animal liberation activist and one of the organizers of the event, said: “Just because an animal is from a different species, it doesn’t make it right to discriminate against and exploit it. Animals don’t choose their species any more than humans choose their sex, race, or sexual orientation. Whether it’s chickens, cows, goats, pigs, fish, cats, dogs or humans, we are all sentient beings and should try to live together peacefully.”
Vegans eat plant-based foods and therefore avoid meat, eggs, honey and dairy products.

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