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January is hardly anyone’s favorite month I suppose unless your zodiac sign is Capricorn. In fact, the last Monday of the month is said to be the most depressing day of the whole year, barring none. That’s apparently because the weather It’s usually awful, the Christmas bills have to be paid and a month’s worth of eating in the food and beverage department has made you fat.

To cheer you up, your gas bills seem to be skyrocketing this year too. Assuming Mallorcan fuel bills are set to rise as fast and steeply as forecast here in the UK. Here it seems that fuel costs could increase by as much as 30% in just three months and counting! Even allowing for the British media’s penchant for wildly exaggerating about almost everything, Brits seem to have to adjust heating costs plopping through their mailboxes.

Luckily, there seems to be a way out of this costly dilemma and that is to use less heating – yes, really! It seems that fifty years ago the average indoor temperature in the UK was 12°C. Now it’s 18 degrees. For example, in 1970 very few homes had central heating. There was a lot of banging around the coal fire in that period with one room – nice 20C – but elsewhere minus 5C. We’re talking about an era when you were as warm as toast in front of the fire, but the rest of your body was pretty cool. Without getting into the whole “those were hard times…” monologue, I think most of us who were there at the time would recognize that scenario.

Having said that, I have to tell you that many people in the UK have this strange idea of ​​life in Mallorca. I’ve lost count of the number of times friends, family and acquaintances here seem to think that Mallorca is in deep in winter has a climate of endless sunny days with temperatures around 25°C.

I try to explain to you that you had a very wet autumn and that the weather in January and February can be tricky, but to no avail. In fact I know that many houses on the island have no central heating other than expensive electric heaters and the winter months can be uncomfortable for many families; but you are trying to explain that to someone who has only experienced the island wall to wall in the sun in July and August.

Anyway, back to Blighty and mostly with the push of a button the whole house heats up, bedrooms, guest rooms, conservatories (aka – Lean-Too’s!) everything – whether it actually needs heating or not. We heat rooms we are not actually in it and are heating it longer. You don’t have to be the guy on TV, the money-saving expert, to see that this isn’t a good way to save your hard-earned cash.

Anyway, I’ve been reading about this and it seems like you don’t need to heat your bedroom as it’s not that healthy – so stop that, huh? It seems that if you turn off the radiator and open the window. You sleep better in cool fresh air – yes, really. In the winter, a different duvet might suffice, and you could try wearing the pajamas you received three Christmases ago as well. What about the rest of the house? Well, ditto actually – as in, put on some extra clothes.

When my kids were small and living at home, like most people I know, I spent a lot of time walking room to room Turn off the light. Now that I have no kids to annoy me, I like to keep a firm grip on the thermostats and remain vigilant in that regard, no matter what abuse I might suffer from a woman I know. Mind you, that’s nothing compared to trying to control air conditioning usage in a Mallorcan home. I remember my son and his now wife coming to stay with us on the island.

A lovely couple who will soon be my grandchildren’s parents but once got a nasty b******** from me for leaving the air con in their bedroom on all day – have you seen that before ? Electrical indicator that turns around when the air conditioning is on? I almost had a fit and they’re still laughing at my reaction to their casual indifference to my potentially ruinous “lecky” bill. Luckily, I find that her sons are now being scolded for almost the same time they leave the light on around her house – good. Seriously, when you look at the difference in average household temperatures today versus the past, it comes as a bit of a surprise.

But what we then had was basically just the heating of a room or, in rare cases, “rooms” that were actually used. Easier than it was then, of course, when central heating was a rarity in working-class homes — and before you accuse me of being some kind of class warrior, if you ever have visited a country house (Stack?) Summer or winter, the place would always, perhaps inevitably, be freezing cold.

So folks, what we all need to do to save money – and some would say lead a healthier lifestyle – is avoid overheating your homes in the winter months – and for those in Mallorca turning the air conditioning on in the summer nice months. Sometimes the simplest way to warm a room is to close a door; Likewise, opening the same door in the summer could have exactly the opposite effect. Who would have thought?


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