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A Fallout 76 Insect? Never

After all this time … wait, how long has it been? Almost three years in October? OK, after almost three years, Bethesda has been working to get it Fallout 76 up to speed. The introduction was a masterclass in how much damage a rash game can do to a brand, but after a year and a change, they added the bare bones of NPCs and a bunch of others Fallout 76 Bug fixes and quality of life changes. And they’re not done yet.

In their latest blog update, the team states that there will be more to come for the game by the end of the year. While Fallout Worlds was the big thing for 2021, this is what these patches will focus on Fallout 76 Bug fixes and quality of life improvements. The first is scheduled for “October” and will bring a seasonal Halloween event and “a new wave of bug fixes” with it. The other is in December and will feature “new game content” as well as “a variety of quality of life improvements requested by the community”. The team says the first round of testing will come in “early fall” and will then be available on the public test server (PTS).

Anyone wondering where this game will end? And how long will it be in operation? With Microsoft money behind them, they can be seen as the heroes who helped keep the game alive as the brand is well worth investing in for future blowout mainline games. Only time can tell. Right now I’m glad they at least haven’t given up.

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