Fargo City Council wants to improve the quality of life downtown


FARGO, ND (KVRR) — City officials are deciding how to add more green space, bike lanes and better parking in downtown Fargo.

“I think our challenge now is how to meet the demands of how many people we have downtown and how we integrate that with the residents. I think the next part of the focus will be, “Let’s look at the downtown community and try to see what we can do to improve that experience,” said Dr. Tim Mahoney, Mayor of Fargo.

Located at Fargo City Hall, Downtown InFocus reflects how the city has changed over the past decade, with new venues like Broadway Square and residential buildings as the city grows.

“I’m glad we’re rethinking the plan, the 5-year plan. It was found that 55% of the targets at that time had been achieved to some extent. We need to make an overhaul because society has changed due to COVID. That means we have to change with these changes, so it’s really important that the advisors are back and we’re going to work on the plan,” said Fargo Park District President Dawn Morgan.

They plan to continue expanding the downtown district with a focus on improving the quality of life in the community.

“It’s about making sure we address some of the everyday issues around parking, like perceptions of safety. I would say most importantly it’s about promoting some of the same things that we do. More living space, more meeting space, more activities. Those are the things that bring people downtown and customers for local businesses,” said Scott Page, Principal of Interface Studio.

Page says this meeting is the start of many discussions to decide what’s next for downtown Fargo.


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