“Freya Cox from the Great British Baking Show is the first vegan baker to be thrown off”



I love all the new bakers we have met The great British baking show Season 9 on Netflix. I adore Jürgen, who has the beautiful German energy of Werner Herzog (if he has ever rested to bake). I am passionate about Giuseppe, who has great daddy energy. And I want to be best friends with Crystelle and Lizzie and George and Chigs and … well, I love them all! However The great British baking show The baker who could inspire me the most so far is 19-year-old Freya Cox. Freya is not just the “precocious English rose” this season; She is the very first vegan baker that has ever been there The great British baking show! This is super exciting because it shows how much veganism has permeated culture and how urgently bakers need to realize that decorations and flavor combinations are not the only place where they can be creative.

According to their intro package in The great British baking show, Freya went vegan for the first time 18 months ago. This means that she avoids all animal products in her diet, including meat, eggs, and dairy products. A quick look through her Instagram shows that she is also a model, student and avid rider. (The last point resulted in a guy puffle as some people think it’s unethical to ride horses when you’re vegan. Personally, I don’t know enough about horses because I’m a poor American, so I can’t comment on that .) Freya’s commitment to veganism means she’ll have to work extra hard to beat aquafaba, or the liquid that comes in canned chickpeas, instead of eggs. In fact, it’s something that Prue Leith is impressed with.

Even if Freya is determined to make all of her baked goods vegan, that does not mean that she can bend the rules of the Technical Challenge in order to meet her values. Since every baker gets the same ingredients and the same sparse instructions, having Freya veganize her baking here would undermine the whole point of the technical challenge. That means that all bakers are in the same boat and blindly compare them according to their skills. Freya has already apologized to her vegan followers on Instagram (even if it’s something that was clearly not in her hands and on the shoulders of the show’s producers!). She also promised to veganize each one individually.

Veganism is neither a new trend nor a sign of presumption. It’s a real lifestyle choice and an increasingly urgent one. Plant-based diets are better for general health and for the environment. By proudly admitting to her vegan lifestyle Frying, Freya shows millions of people that it is easier to be vegan than they might think! It is great!

Personally, I’ve found that my new favorite chefs are either vegans or plant-based advocates. Am I brave enough to take the plunge myself? Unfortunately, I love cheese too much. But what I love about vegan recipes – aside from how good they are – is how creative they are. Since vegan chefs have to go without tasty ingredients like eggs, cheese, butter and traditional meat, they often use ingredients that are underrated. I’m talking about spices, nuts, vegetable proteins and sauces. All of these are skills non-vegan chefs can use to improve their own cuisine. So to see Freya calmly mastering all challenges like her baker colleagues without the use of dairy products is not surprising. But it’s inspiring.

It’s too early to know how well Freya will do this season. Is she getting nervous about Biscuit Week or is she storming into the finals? But her inclusion as a vegan cook is a big deal for The great British baking show Franchise. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that a vegan week put a group of talented bakers through their paces. Freya shows that it is not that difficult with a little creativity. And creativity is something The great British baking show should be everything.

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