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The World Bank has reported that the average life expectancy of Americans has increased from 70 to nearly 80 years over the past 50 years. With life expectancy increasing thanks to advances in medicine and quality of life, the challenge is not simply to meet the needs of more people with longer years of life, but to provide an enduring quality of life that offers independence and a sense of community.

Garden Senior Village in Lynnwood recognizes this tall bar and manages to clear it with space. The offer of one- and two-room apartments with closed corridors and friendly common areas for residents is just the beginning.

One of the great features of this charming place is the ability to bring pets (for a deposit, of course) so that residents and their furry companions also have a comfortable and safe home.

Ronit Lyons, who forms the two on-site managers of the Garden Senior Village with her husband Randy, prides itself on the quality and safety they have helped to build on their property.

One of their priorities is to give residents the opportunity to enjoy their life at whatever level of activity they choose, as well as what social activities they can do, such as walking around.

Garden senior village

Even with the restrictions of social distancing or for those who may not look for social features first, there is plenty to enjoy on site, especially the extensive greenery and gardens that adorn the space.

One of the areas that Garden Senior Village excels in is the personal focus and attention the Lyons give to residents. From working with them individually on financial matters or helping them access resources such as the various benefits available online, the Lyons work hard to ensure that all residents enjoy the satisfaction of independent living.

Garden senior village

Additionally, seniors who need caretaker attention can still do so, although the caretakers living in the apartment would also be subject to the age requirements of the residence.

Nikki Miller has lived in the Garden Senior Village for three years and enjoys the location and the proximity to the family. “It’s fantastic to live in an apartment building,” she says, “it’s nice to know that there are other people around who are going through the same thing as you.”

Garden senior village

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the Lyons have been vigilant in their approach to protecting their residents from the likelihood of infection: through aspects of antivirus management such as signage, availability of antibacterial dispensers and wipes, and working with all delivery services to ensure that no – Contact delivery.

Garden Senior Village is located at 6425 196th St. W., Lynnwood, WA 98036

The Garden Senior Village is located in the heart of the Lynnwood suburb, close to Edmonds College and Lynnwood Municipal Golf Course, as well as many of Lynnwood’s other parks, shopping and dining.

To schedule a visit or learn more, call 425-775-0881 and ask for Ronit.

Garden senior village

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