Gas station simulator: Update # 3 with new UI elements and changes to the quality of life



The second big patch for Gas station simulator is here, with a number of improvements and new features for you to explore.

Managing a gas station can be a challenge at times, especially when you have a large number of employees in your company. However, a new UI element has been introduced that shows you relevant information about your employees and their current status. So you know if someone is busy repairing a car or how many of them are available for new tasks, etc.

Anyway, those who have had an issue where the game would freeze for a moment after loading a save will no longer encounter this issue after the update.

Small bug fixes have also been implemented to minimize random crashes. The developers said the next major update will focus heavily on fixing these issues.

Another notable thing in this patch is the addition of an Auto Parts tab in inventory. This should help keep things more organized. Other than that, a new streamer mode has been added that excludes the lewd paintings of Denis, making the game more suitable for underage gamers.

Sticky notes


  • Fixed a loading issue where the game would freeze for a few seconds before showing a loading screen

  • Various minor fixes for random crash issues prior to Update # 4 that will be much more focused on dealing with these


  • A new UI element now shows relevant information about employees and their current status

  • When an employee repairs a car, the workshop UI will no longer appear on the player’s HUD

  • A car repaired by an employee no longer leaves the workshop with the roof open


  • Players can now sell shelves from inventory (25% of the shelf value) and throw away decorations, products, and auto parts.

  • An Auto Parts tab has been added to the player’s inventory

  • Fixed the issue with auto parts delivery where large orders would sometimes not arrive. Crates were visible, but no items were added to inventory upon delivery to the warehouse

  • Fixed an issue where after completing the Lockpick Challenge (open 10 suitcases), each suitcase opened would give 10 positive feedback

  • The spark plug stand can now hold more items

  • A time lock has been added to prevent car repairs from being accidentally stopped

  • Reduced footprints and trash spawning a bit again

  • The frequency of car horns has been reduced


  • A streamer mode has been added that excludes the lewd paintings by Denis, making the game more audience-friendly for minors

  • Fixed the bug where the customer “flew” around the gas station in a sitting position

  • An orientation problem with the sunglasses stand has been fixed. The glasses are now pointing in the right direction

  • Fixed an issue where the biker would put art on the walls intended for Denis. Now the biker has his own artistic touch


Gas station simulator Update # 3 is now available on PC.



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