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Before joining Getinge, Andres Beiras was a cardiac surgeon who was driven by a strong passion to give patients the best possible chance to return to normal life.

“I am often asked what it is like to save someone’s life. Tell you what, it feels a lot better than losing it. But my goal was not just to save lives, but to give patients the best possible quality of life after the operation so that they can continue to do the things they wanted to do, “says Andres.

Andres is a father, husband, doctor and scientist. In 2001 he completed his medical degree in Spain and then moved to Germany to pursue a scientific career in the field of transplantation. With an inquisitive mind and a pursuit of constant learning, he did not hesitate when the opportunity arose to expand his field of activity into cardiac surgery.

“My areas of expertise were heart failure surgery and mechanical circulatory support. I worked with extracorporeal food supports (ECMO), intra-aortic balloon pumps (IABP), ventricular assist devices (VADs) and heart transplants. Later came catheter therapy, valve repairs,” explains Andres.

He worked on the patient’s heart every day and the connection between surgeon and patient was very important to him. The best moments were when, months after the operation, he received the news that a patient was fine; that the motorcyclist was back on his bike and the hiker was climbing the mountains again.

“Therapies and technologies have developed significantly, especially in recent years. Today there are amazing therapies and medical products that give patients with severe heart failure a good chance to go on living and ultimately lead a reasonably normal life again. “

In the operating room, Andre’s teamwork was paramount. Together, he and his colleagues made a huge difference.

“The cardiac surgeon is only part of the puzzle; there are nurses, anesthetists, perfusion specialists and of course the medical equipment. There is a common need that everything and everyone should work together and do their best to achieve good results.

What drove Andres to embark on a new career path and join Getinge were his core tenets – hard work to improve the quality of life for patients, professional honesty and curiosity, and continuous learning.

“Today I work in a fantastic medical affairs team, where collaboration is just as important as in the operating room. Our primary role is to ensure therapies and solutions that are safe for healthcare professionals and can improve the lives of countless patients around the world. “

His experience, which he has gained not only from using Getinge’s ECMO devices and IABP during operations, but also from conducting research on them, benefits him in his role as Global Medical Director in the Cardiopulmonary division.

“I used to be the ECMO team, now I’m part of the team that develops the ECMO devices. We work with ease of use, clinical documentation and clinical data. I am happy that I can expand my experience together with this great team of individuals and still be part of the treatment of patients, just in a different way. I feel very passionate about my job, I learn new things every day and so on I like it. “

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