Groundbreaking procedure changes the lives of stroke patients


OMAHA, Nebraska (KMTV) — In this week’s Wellness Check, 3 News Now host Vanessa Villafuerte highlights a procedure believed to be the first of its kind in Nebraska.

After a man in his 30s developed stroke-like symptoms, a CHI Health neurosurgeon successfully performed a procedure that ultimately transformed his patient’s quality of life.

In July 2021, Ben Henning woke up feeling unwell. His mother stopped by and found that he had had a stroke.
Henning, who is only 37, has never had any symptoms to this day.

And then Dr. Viewed Vishal Jani Henning’s case.

“As part of the screening and testing, we found that he had a condition called dissection. The dissection is actually a ruptured artery,” said Jani.

Further tests showed two aneurysms in his neck. Doctors have several ways to deal with brain problems, but neck aneurysms are rare. Jani used brand new technology to help Henning.

Jani describes a tiny wire called the Streamline Flow Diverter, which is a braided cobalt-chromium stent that is placed on the patient’s neck. The Streamline Flow Diverter was used to treat Henning with a stent.

Five stents to be exact.

They were used to direct blood flow within the artery away from the aneurysm, essentially redirecting blood flow to reduce the risk of rupture.

“This technology is a new marvel in my opinion because we were probably done within 60 minutes,” said Jani. “If not, within 45 minutes, in and out, for things we’ve been waiting for over a year.”

A miracle in many other ways, apart from a novel medical procedure. Henning can now find comfort in the fact that his health is no longer at risk.

The healing process takes three to six months. But in no time at all, Henning can live his life again, without fear of the unknown.

“Ben is going to have a normal life, he’s going to come back, lift his weights, go to his kids’ games,” said Jani. “His mother will feel the relief that he looks so good, no reservations.”

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