Hampton No Kill Shelter faces backlash over the decision to euthanize four unadoptable dogs


HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – A local nokilling shelter faces backlash and threats after recently euthanizing multiple dogs.

Four unsuitable pets are euthanized for safety, but the decision upset some animal lovers.

“These dogs are not broken, so there is nothing to fix,” said Sharon Bilyj, president of the Animal Aid Society. “They can be treated, but they cannot be cured.”

The Animal Aid Society in Hampton takes pride in finding a home for rescue dogs, but staff say there are four dogs that cannot be adopted.

“These dogs are unacceptable because of their behavior,” added Bilyj. “In many cases you are considered to be mentally ill. They are unmanageable. “

The dogs attacked volunteers, some with serious injuries. Vets and trainers have spent the past two years working with the dogs, but when nothing changed the shelter decided it was best to euthanize the dogs.

“It boils down to the quality of life,” said Bilyj. “They are considered too dangerous to be safely adopted. How is your quality of life here? “

The staff say the dogs will be caged forever. Some even need to be fed through a tube.

“We were a safe haven for homeless dogs,” said former volunteer Debbie Wheeless.

Former volunteers were upset about the euthanasia decision on social media. They want the dogs to be allowed to live their lives.

“Mating four dogs in a week has never been done in 50 years,” added Wheeless. “This is unacceptable for a no-kill shelter.”

The animal shelter has put a dog to sleep in its history. Unfortunately the staff say this has to happen.

A date has not been set for the dogs to be euthanized, but the shelter says it will be done as humanely as possible.


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