Have wealthy democratic elites deserted the working class?


For decades, the Democrats’ mantra during a national election has been, “Republicans are in the pockets of special interests.” Now more and more people believe the Democrats are allied with the “special interests.” The question is – while you’re associating with big tech billionaires, Hollywood celebrities, music execs, internet “influencers” and bright corporate CEOs – do they take even a moment to catch up on the breaking news of the day ?

Much of the news crushes the American working class and those living below the poverty line financially and psychologically. Or to put these constituencies in a category that Democratic elites might understand: ten million voters.

As the elites pulling the levers of the Democratic Party continue to placate their extreme left wing with the Jan. 6 hearings; a Green New Deal costing at least $6 trillion (yes, trillions of dollars); college loan forgiveness for mostly affluent white children; and the redistribution of wealth, most Americans are literally crying out for help with factors negatively affecting their lives and security.

Again, current events may not be a topic of conversation at five-star private jet-accessible retreats attended by these elites. So here’s a summary: Crippling gas prices may make some Americans choose between food and fuel. skyrocketing inflation is forcing some to forego it; Violent crime in big cities threatens to spread to the suburbs; uncontrolled illegal immigration is adding unsustainable burdens to our healthcare system, constituent services, and federal, state, local, and city budgets, and is literally costing lives. We know this because the “real news,” which elites may have overlooked or turned their backs on, tells us that just this week at least 51 migrants were found dead in an abandoned semi-truck in Texas. Shouldn’t such a tragic development be a topic at the next cocktail party?

Defunding the police and not prosecuting criminals or getting them back on the streets and abolishing cash bail may be the dream of left-wing district attorneys, but as a recent recall election in California showed us, it’s the stuff of nightmares for Americans who have to deal with the consequences of such a policy.

The death spiral many believe the United States is in is well beyond which party will control Congress after midterms 2022 and who will win the White House in 2024. If the elites, far from their gated communities, pay attention to what’s happening in America, they might realize that most voters now care about fundamental quality of life issues. Can anyone in the Democratic Party read the room… anyone?

There are many senior, competent, and empathetic Democrat advisers out there who believe their party — and the nation as a whole — must embrace more sensible, pragmatic solutions to America’s problems. But as I’ve been told, some of them just don’t want to deal with the anger that progressives would direct at them for daring to speak their mind.

As they join a long list of Democrats running away from the issues, more voters — including traditional Democrats — are running to the issues. They do this because their quality of life is being turned upside down by downright illiberal policies.

For Democrats who seem to only answer on the far left, I have one final question: since when does your party care about the well-being of 90 percent of the American people?

Douglas MacKinnon, policy and communications adviser, was a White House writer for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush, and former Special Assistant for Policy and Communications at the Pentagon during the last three years of the Bush administration. His latest book is “The 56: Freedom teachings from those who risked everything to sign the Declaration of Independence.”


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