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I was wondering when New World would have a post-launch patch, and as I write this, the game is offline as Patch 1.01, its very first, is being implemented.

It certainly won’t solve all of the things that are plaguing the game right now, but it has fixed a few bugs and says Amazon says it has changed some quality of life things you might want to know about. Here are the highlights of the patch notes, but you can read them in full here if you want.

For starters, this patch doesn’t include the ability to hop servers so you can join your friends. Amazon has made global transfer a priority, but they say it is not ready for this patch and they are still working on it. What initially had priority was shortening the queue times from the start, which has now largely been fixed.

So the actual changes for patch 1.01:

  • The game is now getting stricter with AFKing. You can no longer easily fool AFK detection into staying on a server. The warning message will now be displayed after 15 minutes, from 20 down. You will now boot for AFK after 20 minutes, down from 25.
  • During the war the towers were changed to have hitscan projectiles so there are fewer objects on the battlefield and hopefully things go a little smoother while everything else goes on in these chaotic battles.
  • If there is a queue there is now a warning when trying to get off the road so you don’t accidentally do it.
  • They fixed the bug that requires you to reclaim all your achievements every time you log in (thank goodness).
  • You fixed the “Abandon Activity” field that sometimes got stuck on your screen.
  • You fixed an exploit for some infinitely lootable containers.
  • Fixed an issue where you cannot interact with some objects in the world (usually resources).
  • Pastor Walsh will no longer appear like a psychopath. Overseer Zane will now respawn faster. Master Zindt won’t respawn and clone himself many times.
  • There are around a dozen errors, all a variation of “If you started / canceled this quest, you will not be able to start this quest”. You can read the full list here to see if you’re stuck with any specific ones.

That’s essentially the bulk of the changes here. You kept saying “quality of life” issues, and yet I would classify most of them as fixes, and I don’t consider things like shortening AFK timers to be “quality of life,” but okay. We’ll see what future patches bring and when the character world transfer is finally here, as it is now a top priority.

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