How Good Catch’s New Vegan Salmon Burgers Are Helping Save America’s Most Eaten Fish


Vegan seafood brand Good Catch recently launched the first US-made plant-based salmon burgers. The launch is part of Good Catch’s continued mission to protect the oceans by bringing seafood alternatives to consumers. According to the brand, 30 percent of fish consumers buy salmon monthly, making it the most consumed fish in the country.

Founded by pioneering vegan chef brothers Derek and Chad Sarno, Good Catch aims to offer the taste, texture and eating experience of seafood without the need to slaughter animals or destroy the world’s oceans. In creating the new salmon burgers, the Good Catch culinary team focused on recreating the delicate texture and mild but rich flavor of salmon, adding a hint of citrus to round out the flavor profile. Made with the company’s proprietary protein blend of six plants (pea, soy, chickpea, broad beans, lentils and kidney beans), each burger contains 16 grams of protein and is free of GMOs, mercury and environmental toxins that come with eating sea animals. According to the brand, the vegan salmon burger also lacks any unappealing “fishy” smell after cooking.

“Culinary innovation is at the forefront of everything we create at Good Catch and this new salmon will be an absolute game changer in the market, boasting incredible flavor and texture,” Chad Sarno, Co-Founder and Chief Culinary officer at Good Catch company’s parent company, Gathered Foods, said in a statement. “We’re excited about consumer response to our plant-based salmon burgers, which offer a convenient, no-harm meal solution.”

Good Catch’s Plant-Based Salmon Burgers will soon be available at natural and organic retailers through a new partnership with wholesaler United Natural Foods, Inc. and online through the Good Catch website. The new product joins a growing list of the company’s vegan seafood alternatives, including a line of plant-based preserved tuna and frozen lines of appetizers and entrees such as plant-based fish fillets, fish fingers and crab cakes.

Good Catch is making waves with vegan salmon, tuna and crab cakes

In the past year alone, Good Catch has made waves as it continues to expand its product availability into the retail and foodservice sectors. The brand partnered with Whole Foods Market to bring their deli-style vegan tuna to the convenience aisles of stores across the US and Canada. Additionally, the brand announced its first wholesale partnership with BJ’s Wholesale Club to offer its New England-style plant-based crab cakes in bulk packs of 24 crab cakes for $13.99 – approximately $0.58 per crab cake. VegNews.GoodFangWhole FoodsTuna

In the foodservice sector, Good Catch’s Plant-Based Classic Fish Burgers have become a signature menu item called The Gulf at the Bareburger restaurant chain. The brand has also created a limited-time offer of its plant-based breaded fish fillets and its plant-based crab cakes as the first plant-based offerings at Long John Silver’s, America’s largest seafood chain.

Last summer, Good Catch pulled a prank on Subway while the chain was embroiled in a controversy over its tuna – which allegedly didn’t contain actual tuna. To show customers that real fish-free tuna is actually better for the oceans, the brand handed out sandwiches featuring its own vegan tuna from trucks with a clever “OurWay” message. While Good Catch ran into trouble with Subway (which sent it a cease and desist letter), the vegan brand managed to elicit a response from the sandwich chain, which promised more plant-based options were on the way.

And recently, Chris Kerr, co-founder and CEO of Good Catch, and Chad Sarno, co-founder and Chief Culinary Officer, were named Global Visionaries by UBS, the world’s leading wealth management firm, for their efforts to preserve and protect the planet’s resources Seafood on a plant basis.

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