Is Snoop Dogg launching vegan hot dogs? Here’s what we know about “Snoop Doggs”


Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg could soon expand his business empire with vegan hot dogs. The musical artist recently filed a proposed trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the use of “Snoop Doggs” in reference to “hot dogs and other sausages.”

While little is known about the new company at this point, Snoop Dogg previously revealed during an appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2016. During the segment titled “How is it Mizzde?”, Snoop Dogg was challenged to guess the final product by watching a video of its making. As the hot dog meat went through various stages of processing, he reacted with complete disgust, finally stating, “I never eat a frigging hot dog.”

Should Snoop Dogg’s trademark filing morph into a (hopefully vegan) hot dog brand, Snoop Doggs will join the legendary rapper’s other business ventures, including cannabis company Leafs by Snoop and alcohol brand Indoggo Gin.

Snoop Dogg’s love for vegan hot dogs and burgers

In recent years, Snoop Dogg has taken an interest in plant-based foods, another indicator that Snoop Doggs could very well be a vegan hot dog company. In a 2020 forbes In an interview, the 50-year-old rapper explained that his friends are helping him make the transition to a healthier diet.

“With such a busy schedule, I had to make sure I was taking care of myself both mentally and physically,” he said. “I had to change my diet a bit to get all the nutrients I need to keep performing at my best. Some of my immediate family members are vegans and vegetarians so they helped me work out the best plan with me.”

To get his dose of vegan burgers, the DO double G visits Los Angeles-based truck Vurger Guys and has been at Atlanta’s Slutty Vegan, a popular burger joint provocatively named Impossible Burger-based creations at least once.


Snoop Dogg invests in plant-based meat

Snoop Dogg is also putting his money into action by investing in several plant-based brands. The rapper has been a celebrity ambassador for Beyond Meat for several years. In 2019, Snoop celebrated the launch of the Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich at a Dunkin’ location nationwide by personally handing out the meatless sandwiches from behind the counter at a Dunkin’ location. That year, Snoop Dogg threw a pre-party for the Grammy Awards, where he served Carl’s Jr. Beyond Famous Star Burger — the fast-food chain’s first meatless burger, launched in partnership with Beyond Meat.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Snoop Dogg joined Beyond Meat’s Feed A Million+ campaign, which donated more than a million vegan burgers to frontline workers over the course of 30 days. He also appeared in a promotional video for Beyond Meat in 2020, in which he revealed that he sneaks plant-based meat into meals for his friends and family to help them explore alternatives to animal products.


Snoop Dogg is also an investor and celebrity ambassador for vegan bacon snack brand Outstanding Foods, and has appeared in a campaign to promote their pork-less “munchies.” As part of the partnership, Snoop Dogg launched a special website to sell Outstanding Foods’ vegan pork rinds and donated 10 percent of sales to Snoop Special Stars, a nonprofit organization that helps provide opportunities for inner-city kids to participate in youth soccer and cheerleading .

To kick off the 2021 NFL season, Snoop has teamed up with professional football player Durwin to give away 600 free plant-based meals at a special pop-up event in Los Angeles. Both Snoop Dogg and James used Beyond Meat products to create vegan menus, which they served from their own food trucks. While James opted to create an indulgent Beyond Burger, Snoop Dogg opted for a hot dog creation. The Snoop Beyond Tailgate Dogg featured a Beyond sausage, Beyond chili sauce, vegan cheese, and crispy onion threads on an artisanal bun. Could this have sparked the idea for Snoop Doggs? Only time can tell.

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