I’ve been eating RAW MEAT for months as part of a risky experiment to see if I’ll die from bacteria


ONE INSTAGRAMMER reportedly only eats raw meat every day to see how long it takes before he gets sick with bacteria.

The man posting to the @rawmeatexperiment account has claimed he’s been on the risky experiment diet for 81 days as of Monday.


The man is now on the 81st day of the experimentPhoto credit: Instagram/@rawmeatexperiment
He ate hearts and liver


He ate hearts and liverPhoto credit: Instagram/@rawmeatexperiment

He posts a video every day in which he eats large portions of different types of meat.

So far he’s eaten huge slices of raw beef, a whole undercooked salmon, ground bison, rack of lamb and Wagyu steak.

He washes it down with raw milk and a jar of raw eggs every day.

The carnivore states in his account bio that he will eat raw meat every day “until I die of bacteria.”

“To see if I live five days or 500 years,” he adds.

“We have a lot of fun putting food in my mouth,” he wrote alongside Monday’s Instagram video.

“Today’s breakfast is salmon,” he also captioned Sunday’s post.

“I think salmon are healthy because bears love them. I never see wild bears in the hospital so they must be fine.

“They just eat a lot of fish and sleep in a hole for a few months, not bad.

“After eating so much ground beef and starting to enjoy that flavor,” he added.

“Eating fish is like candy. To be honest, I prefer raw fish to sweets.”

The account has amassed more than 80,000 followers since the experiment began on Nov. 22, with no reports of illness from the raw meat diet so far.

The man even munched on a raw ribeye on Thanksgiving morning.

Raw Meat Experiment has raised money for his meat fund online, claiming the diet has made significant changes in his health.


In an episode of the Mark Bell’s Power Project podcast, the unidentified man said that spending his entire life eating processed foods made him “feel like shit.”

“I was plant-based for ten years,” he claimed.

“I ate meat when I went out here and there, but I believed in the plant-based ideology, you can get whatever you need.

“I was following some of the vegan gurus and eating kale shakes with all the powders and thinking I was getting healthier.

“Exactly one year ago today I found out for the first time that meat is actually a healthy food.”

The man claimed he had “chronic fatigue, cystic acne, painful skin issues pretty much since I was 15” until he switched back to a meat-based diet.

“From then on I ate steak and eggs all the time,” he told the podcast.

“After that I ended up eating some raw eggs and raw milk, I researched raw milk and why people call it a healing, magical food.”


He said he had stomach problems when he made the switch back but that it was “everything normal”.

“Change gut bacteria.

“Every time you eat something new, some get stronger and some go. You are changing the ecosystem within you.”

“We’re the only animal on the planet that needs to cook food,” he continued of his decision to try the experiment.

“Why are you going to die if you don’t set something on fire first. It just didn’t suit me.

“I just adopted the same logic as with raw milk. If you heat them to this point, you’re heating up all of the bacteria and enzymes that help you digest it

“Maybe it’s better to eat raw meat.”


Despite his claims, food safety experts say you’re playing “Russian roulette” with raw meat.

“Considering that raw meat has all sorts of bacteria in it,” Jeff Nelken told Men’s Health.

“You don’t know how the meat was treated.

“There are a lot of questions,” he added, explaining that salmonella or E. coli could be lurking in a packet of roast beef or chicken.

It could cause you to develop food poisoning and have bloody diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting for up to a week.

He advises that cooking meat to an internal temperature that kills bacteria is the safest way to consume meat.

That means pork and beef should be cooked to 145 degrees Fahrenheit and poultry must be heated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit, according to Men’s Health.

The man also eats raw fish


The man also eats raw fishPhoto credit: Instagram/@rawmeatexperiment
He washes everything down with raw eggs


He washes everything down with raw eggsPhoto credit: Instagram/@rawmeatexperiment

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