Jessica Seinfeld encourages you to be vegan; no pressure | Eating & Cooking


“Me and my family and a lot of people I know have been really intimidated by the aura of veganism that it’s strict and militant and if you don’t do it 100% you’re not welcome,” she said.

“I have a real problem with shaming people for their food choices. I just think eating is a privilege and a pleasure. And when you are able to put food on the table and make choices, don’t complain about how someone is eating. “

The book is divided into breakfast, food, snacks, desserts and sauces. It relies on vegetables like chickpeas, sweet potatoes, and cauliflower, like a sloppy joe who uses cannellini beans and cauliflower florets. For those craving for a barbecue, she grills eggplant slices and puts them in hot pita pockets with homemade coleslaw.

Jen Bergstrom, senior vice president and editor at Gallery Books, said Seinfeld has a knack for creating accessible, affordable, and accessible recipes.

She says the book’s collection of plant-based options “will appeal to even the largest of carnivores. I’ve tried a number of the recipes myself with delicious results, including my personal favorite, sweet potato tacos with corn salsa. I look forward to readers discovering the pleasure of being vegan, be it occasionally or every day. “


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