Job Jamboree at Great Falls


GREAT FALLS – Great Falls is growing and there are businesses in the area looking for workers. Job Services Great Falls will be hosting a “Job Jamboree” on May 4th to help people boost their careers and help employers attract talent.

The event is free and open to all and will showcase a wide range of employers hoping for full-time, part-time and seasonal positions. There will also be workshops to help people create or update their resumes and interview coaching.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Montana’s unemployment rate was 2.7% as of January 2022, and that number continues to decline, reaching 2.3% last month. As more people move to the Great Falls area, it means more opportunities for employers.

Jolene Schalper of the Great Falls Development Authority said: “We have people drawn to the Great Falls area primarily because of our quality of life and cost of living. We have a higher quality of life with a lower cost of living than many other places in the state and definitely the nation and so they’re starting to see Great Falls as that option because they can work from here, they can work remotely, but so does this have way of life.

However, finding workers remains a challenge across the country and with the job jamboree looming, employers will be there and ready to hire.

According to the GFDA, the number of people moving to the region will be an important factor in the job market.

“We very much hope that more people will move here,” said Schalper. “Because right now we have a lot more jobs than people, so we definitely need more people. It’s really interesting, we’re going to see more people moving into jobs, we’re going to see people choosing to work in different fields.

She continued: “One of the things that Covid has caused is the ability for people to be able to work remotely and from home and a lot of people who used to have two or three jobs are now only working one job. There has definitely been pressure on our economy and on our job market, but more people will move in later this year. You will see more people moving, and then you will also see changes in the types of jobs, you know automation to some degree will be necessary for businesses at all levels. So you will see some changes, but welcome changes.”

The Job Jamboree will take place on Wednesday, May 4 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Paris Gibson Education Center (2400 Central Avenue). For more information, call Job Service at 406-791-5800.



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