Justice demands $5 million in aid for Russia-bombed children’s hospital in Ukraine

In his address yesterdayGovernor Justice noted that dependence on enemy countries like Russia for fossil fuels has put America in a position where supporting Ukraine’s defenses is strategically precarious for the security of the country and the free world.

“None of us ever really thought that we could possibly be on the brink of World War III because of some madman and evil in the world. But here we are,” Governor Justice said in the address. “We have a colossal problem in this world right now. Energy has become a weapon.”

The governor went on to say President Joe Biden must act now by developing West Virginia’s rich natural resources to make America energy independent again.

“There is only one solution. This country needs to be energy independent in every single way,” Gov. Justice continued. “That independence starts right here in little old West Virginia. The very resources that we have in abundance in this state – coal, oil and gas – are exactly what will save the world.

“The Biden administration has stepped aside from West Virginia. They tried to wipe us out. Today the whole world is suddenly wondering, “Where is West Virginia to save us?”

“Why is America afraid? This is America to scream out loud! Jim Justice will not be afraid. It’s about time West Virginia became the beacon for America. It’s time we stopped being afraid. It is time we lead.”


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