KELWON, Powered by Korean Technology, Launches Affordable Health Water Machines in India


Gurgaon, Haryana, India – Business Wire India KELWON is known worldwide for innovative and cutting-edge technology. With Korean technology, KELWON is now launching the most affordable range of Health Water Machines in India, which are divided into 2 segments – Copper RO Water Purifiers (ALKILO, NECTAR) and Alkaline RO Water Purifiers (ELIXIR and SEGEN).

KELWON believes that clean and healthy water is a basic human need since 70% of the body and its organs are made up of water. Water not only keeps the body hydrated; but also provides the necessary minerals and nutrients that boost immunity and keep many diseases at bay. Therefore, KELWON has embarked on a mission to provide healthy purified water through its premium technology health water machines, yet available at affordable prices so that the benefits of this technology reach as many people in the country.

KELWON, leaders in the latest technology in water machines, offer TDS displays in all of their machines. For the first time in India, this TDS display shows live TDS water level at all times. This ensures for the consumer that they can observe and monitor the TDS water level available to their family within safe limits, a feature not available on any other machine in India.

Copper RO Water Purifiers are the affordable series that comes in two models namely Alkilo and Nectar. These are designed for consumers who want to take advantage of the age-old Indian tradition of drinking water from copper vessels in the morning. As practiced by saints and the elderly, copper-containing water is very good for health as it prevents many diseases including kidney problems, cholesterol, anemia, high blood pressure, heart disease and stomach infections.

The KELWON Copper RO Water Purifier range starts with ALKILO which has a built in RO with 9 stage purification and ultra filtration to provide purified water. ALKILO has a built-in UV lamp in the water tank and comes with IES (Immunity Enhancing System), a 5-in-1 mineralizer that adds essential minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium with zinc) to the purified water, making it healthy. ACC (Active Copper Chamber) provides active copper-infused water with a balanced pH of 8. It has an MRP of Rs. 19,990 and is available at an attractive introductory offer price.

NECTAR, the second model of the Copper RO Water Purifier, offers hot and regular water dispenser options while providing all the benefits of copper water. It has built-in RO with 12-level cleaning and UV, UF for advanced cleaning. The mineralizer IES returns all minerals to the water and ACC provides healthy copper water with a pH value of 8. In addition to a digital display and child safety devices, consumers receive a TDS display and hot water temperature. The consumer can thus take advantage of the advantages of preparing hot beverages such as tea or coffee directly from the machine. This model is available at an MRP of Rs. Only 29,990.

KELWON Alkaline RO Water Purifiers form the Premium series and have two models – ELIXIR and BLESSING. While ELIXIR offers a preset alkaline water balance with a fixed pH of 8, Model X has variant options to select different pH balance levels. Alkaline water is very good for health as it helps eliminate toxins from the body, acts as a liver tonic, improves skin tone and quality, acts as a natural diuretic, breaks down phlegm, relieves nausea, alkalizes the body and improves immunity.

The ELIXIR 4-in-1 machine features 4 main benefits, including an integrated 13-step cleaning, (IES) mineralizer, instant hot, cold and normal water and an integrated fruit and vegetable detoxifier. ELIXIR contains RAW (Rich Alkaline Water) cartridge as the final stage of purification that makes the water alkaline with pH 8. With its premium and niche look, ELIXIR fits perfectly into modern and luxurious kitchens. Compared to Kangen water machines available in the market, ELIXIR is India’s most affordable alkaline water RO with an MRP of Rs. 49,990. ELIXIR delivers high quality alkaline water that is as good as Kangen water but far more affordable. KELWON recognizes that any Indian family with many members of different age groups would need suitable water for their health needs. Therefore, SEGEN has 7 levels of water pH value adjuster. Consumers can choose between weak alkaline water (pH 7.9), medium alkaline water (pH 8.8), high alkaline water (pH 9.7), purified water (pH 7), acidic water (pH 3.7), beauty water ( pH 5.1) and select vegetable cleaner. These different amounts are used not only for health needs for drinking, but also for skin and hair care, floor and surface cleaning, and vegetable and food cleaning.

KELWON supplies and services more than 19,000 PIN codes across the country. All KELWON products are 100% Made in India, which contributes to easy availability of spare parts and hassle-free, doorstep service and support.

“We strive to bring the best of global technology and contemporary designed products into your home and to offer our valuable consumers a better quality of life at affordable prices.” says Mr. HS Bhatia (MD, KELWON Electronics and Appliances Private Limited).

With Korean technology, KELWON Electronics and Appliances has introduced life-changing products. Next, they develop products like air purifiers, space heating products, and more. KELWON continues to develop products focused on improving the well-being of its consumers.

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